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Monday, January 21, 2013

The Orange Bowl

We have these bowls that the boys like, they are the kind with the straw attache to them. I bought them years ago when James was about 3. I bought one blue, one red and because orange was his favorite color I bought an orange one.

The orange bowl soon became his favorite bowl and used it all the time.

As the other boys got bigger we added a few more of the same type of bowls to our collection, but oddly enough I couldn't ever find another orange bowl.... I really didn't think anything of it.

Until one day I was awaken by an argument over a bowl. I walked into the kitchen to see one  bowl, and three boys. Clearly they were having an issue of some sort, only in my half awake state I couldn't figure out what the problem was.

I heard something about a bowl and cereal and such so I walked over to the cupboard and got out two other bowls of the same kind... just a different color.

The look I got was not pretty.

Immediately, Tommy grabbed the orange bowl, and James and Tim began to be upset.

Really.... were my children fighting over a bowl??? All of the bowls were the same... just a different color. And yet... they were.

After some trial and error to keep the fighting to a minimum over this silly orange bowl we decided that the bowl can only be used in the month of the persons' birthday.... James' birthday is in December.... he can only use the bowl that month. This works out pretty well because they are all born in different months.

Even now... years later they all look forward to their birthday month and the freedom to use the orange bowl all month long.

The funny thing now is.... that is the bowl that Benji wants all the time. I'm not sure what super powers this bowl brings.

I have tried to look for more of the same orange bowls.... but to no avail... I can find every other color but not orange. 

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sinika said...

Funny boys!! I always laugh at the things mine fight over too...

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