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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Happy Birthday America

Our Fourth of July started out with sleeping in. And they Steve taking the big boys to see a movie... Despicable Me 2.

Then we made our way up to North Ogden to spend the day with our other family... the family that we collected on our journeys.

We had dinner with and let all the kids run crazy.... and they did.

And then we made our way to the park for music and fireworks.

First thing we did was to find Benji.

He got lost.

You would think with 4 sets of adults we would be able to keep track of every one.... nope. Between the 4 families there are 16 kids and only 2 of them are girls.

That's a lot of boys to keep track of!!

After a quick announcement from the man on the stage with the microphone he was brought back to me.

{so todate.... we have lost James, Tim and now Benji.... and people wonder why I leash my children....}

 Nothing says summer fun like rolling down the hills!

 This is Davy....
EmilieAn and Brian..... just in case you missed him that's Adam down in the corner.
Benji made a new friend. This is after he got taken off the playground for hitting and spitting.... I can't take my eye off this one!
James is down near the stage. He loves music so he was down rockin' out to the band. {which was horrible!! They murdered the songs they sung!!} James loved it and that made me happy!

 A photo bombing child.... it is not mine.

This was Swim's first 4th of July! And other than being upset about not being able to sit straight on a hill he was a happy baby.
 Friends.... kids.... crazy.... fireworks....
I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who ends up with pictures like this!
 While everyone Ooooo and Ahhhhhh-ed
Benji was telling yelling at everyone to watch the fireworks. Making sure everyone saw how pretty they were.
He was quite excited about the fireworks!

So if this doesn't say "Happy Fourth of July" I don't know what does!!

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