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Monday, July 22, 2013

Lets back up a bit.

Man... life is passing faster than what I would like. It seems that I blink and two or three weeks have passed by.

Here is a quick glance at what has happened....

For Memorial Day we went to the Orem cemetery to see Benji's grave. The boys had been there before but it had been a while so it was nice to go back. I really like doing things like this for Memorial Day. In the past we had gone to a military cemetery, and put flags on the the grave sites. This time it was nice to go and honor someone that we knew.

We went out one day to the Fort Douglas Museum. It's an old Army fort in Salt Lake. They had a bunch of military vehicles that were out side that the boys could play on {I guess....} It was fun seeing all the big stuff. And then we went inside and saw a bunch of old artifacts that were found around the area.

A picture of James and Benji together. Sitting on an old cannon. I'm not sure if they were allowed, but there wasn't a sign saying they couldn't... so up they climbed.
{the seriously cute baby!!} { I love that my boys all have killer eyes!}
Up against a tank. You see them in movies, but I don't think I have ever really realized how big they are!
After the military museum we went to Liberty Park to play. There was a splash pad, so the boys do what any child would do.... they all stripped down to go get wet.
 {Really.... this baby can sleep anywhere! This time is on the grass at the {noisy} park}
My Benji....

Tommy is funny. He is very cautious to get wet, so it was fun to watch him enjoy the splash pad. {He wouldn't take his shirt off}
Tim and Tommy together. If anyone knows them well knows that they can be best friends or arch nemesis! Today it was best friends. It was a good day.

And here is my James.... yes.. he is very confident. I love that about him. This was a fun picture with the water spraying.

We took a trip down town, and Benji was in HEAVEN because we took the 'train' {trax}. He made every single person on the train smile with how excited he was about it. He was singing about trains, and making train noises, and telling every person who got on "I'M RIDING THE TRAIN!"
We met some friends down town to see the Church History Museum, Temple Square, and to have a tour of the Assembly Hall. It was really cool to go on the roof and see the garden up there.

Then we went camping....

First let me tell you. I have been camping before. I love camping.... at least I love it as a kid that can just go play.

Camping is a lot of work!! A lot more than I ever thought it was. I was not prepared for camping. We had chaos 10 minutes after we turned the boys loose.

Do you see the problem??
Did you notice it?? Here is a closer look
James jumped out of the car and took off to play. Totally fine, I was happy for him. But... he found the biggest mud hole and ended up in it.

He loss a shoe.

Fortunately, Steve found it... in the mud...I can't believe it!

We stripped the boys down. {Because Tim stepped in the mud too}

I learned that clearly 2 pairs of clothes for ONE day is not enough.

Steve and the boys caught crawfish. They look like tiny lobsters. And the boys caught quite a few of them.
They were kept in a bucket, and Benji was fascinated by them. He loved watching them crawl around in the bucket of water. {before they died} 

Tim had a great time. He loves nature and being out in the dirt....

Until he tries to jump the small stream and doesn't quite make it.
I had a little time with Swim and he decided that he loved the camera.
Odd that I didn't get any pictures of Tommy on our camping trip, but he was there. He was running crazy with his cousin Max.

I took the boys up to Brighton. We walked the loop around the small lake. We tried finding a GeoCache. Sadly we didn't find it. But the boys had a great time anyway looking at all the trees the beavers chewed down.

They found a rock to conquer... 
 And conquer they did! They loved climbing up the side of the rock and seeing me way down low.

Benji thought he would try to climb.... he tried hard.

Here are the small boys and I down on the ground.
Ok... that caught me a up a little.

We are working on getting the Chiropractic office up and running so that is what we..I .. have been doing. We have been working crazy on that. {and I have a project that I have been working on that I hope to share soon}

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