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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Sliding Away

What do you get when you have 38 people who are all some how related and a 22 foot slide???

You get hours of laughter, worn out kids, flips and flops, a little competition, vinyl slide burns.... and a really good time!

{a lot more people can actually fit on the top than you would think.... although it's probably not advisable}

We chanted and cheered for Connie on her way down!!

 All the dads were going up and down to help the kids.... push them down the slide

 Bouncing just right... and you would catch some air!
 My brother Rodney showing all the kids a new way to go down.... pretty sure some of them tried this.

For the first little bit kids would grab who ever was there to go down with... Eliza had an empty hand to help.

Cousins racing each other

 Grandpa was a definite favorite to ride with.

This is how we were able to Benji up the first couple time.... then he did it himself but he caused a long line as he slowly climbed up.

Children may or may not have been thrown down the slide....

 Mom and Dad even took the plunge!
 I love this picture of my brother, his wife and one daughter... it reminds me of the roller coaster pictures where only some know the camera is there.
 My sister and her family. I put my vote in for this being the Christmas card this year!
 Steve and the boys { I love this picture!!}

 And this is pretty much what all the kids looked like by the end of the day.

I think we have decided that next time we are getting the bigger one.

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hjurgelis said...

Connie's face is priceless, and your boys look like they are having a blast. My son is only 7 months old at the moment but I can't wait until we can do things like this. Slightly jealous =)

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