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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Where is the Duncan Clan??

We went out to Payson.

It's a small little town and we went because of the Scottish festival.

My mother in law is from Scotland. She emigrated here to America when she was 19.

So the Scottish blood runs thick through Steve and the boys are happy to claim that they are 1/4 Scottish, although I really don't think they know what that means.

 This is the kilt that James was blessed in
This is the kilt that Tim wore for Benji's funeral {Steve's brother}
And now it fits our little Benji

So we hit the Scottish festivals when ever we have the chance. {you might remember this}

We were going to Payson to drop the boys off for the night and since this festival was going on we made time to go.

This was a small festival. They had a few events where Scots can come and see who can throw things the farthest, and the bag pipes playing.

And they have clan tents everywhere. All the clans are set up and you can go and talk to those that are in your clan and see your heritage in action.

All the clans except for the Duncan clan.

All the tents are in their neat rows and we walk by each one, but the Duncans are no where to be found.

So we have decided that we are going to registrar and be the official Duncan clan representative for all the festivals that are around.

And because we can really clam to have Scottish heritage we are going to all get kilts... well the boys will, I'll get a skirt. And here is something interesting that you might not know. A woman is suppose to claim the clan that she was born into as her clan. So even though she may marry someone from another clan she is to keep the kilt and clan she was born with. {if she's not scottish she can then take her husbands clan.}

And I love the Duncan motto.... "Savour the Moment"

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