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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Weirdness in Utah

So the other day I was feeling board, and had been in the house to long. So I packed to boys up to go and find something.

Boy oh boy.... find something we did! We found a funny little park in the middle of Salt Lake. Really, it was tucked behind a bread store and a couple of houses.

It was a park that was full of sculptures... Kinda odd ones. It was the Gilgal Gardens. I took a couple pictures but the boys took my camera and took the rest.... they did a pretty good job.

 The boys next to a sculpture of some books.... the Standard Works I guess

Ok... so I'm really bad with symbolism so I have no idea what is going on or what it means...
 Joseph Smith's head on a Sphinx {taken my James}

 Two hands and two hearts {taken by James}

 I have no idea {taken by James}

 The keystone {there is also a bird house} {taken by James}
 A bird of some sort.... I didn't notice it until I saw the picture {taken by Tommy}
 An anvil.... seriously no idea. {taken by Tommy}
 A self sculpture of the artist Thomas Childs {Tim took this picture and I think it looks really cool with the leaves in front of it}
 Tommy took this one.

 Tim took this of his brother.
 And one of some of the boys and I
 And he wanted a funny one.
Tim also took this one of Benji. Poor Benji really wanted to use the camera too.... he has a year or two before I'm going to let him loose with my camera.

It was a fun day and we hit a GeoCache. We found a funny little park and spent the day outside.

Here's to weirdness in the city.

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