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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dear Benjamin

My dear Benjamin,

I am patiently waiting for your arrival. And although I normally don't bond with my babies until they are here, you my son, have been different. I feel like I am getting to know you and loving the moments that I get to spend watching my belly move all over.

I look forward to meeting in person in a few short weeks. To hug and kiss your small hands and feet. I know it will be a lot to take on but we are going to get through it, and you have raging fans to back you up. I love you my dear little one. And even though you are a tad behind your brothers you are very much wanted and already a part of our family. We pray for your safe arrival daily.

You get to come into an amazing family... if I do say so myself.... Your dad is in Chiropractic school and will be finishing up his first year not long after you are born. He is a great man! You will like him, and unlike your brothers, he will be around to watch you grow up. {he was deployed a couple times in the years prior to school}Your dad knows a lot and will be able to answer the tougher questions you have in life. Like "why is it bad to jump on the trampoline with sparklers," and "why am I not allowed to leave the house by myself?" He is ready and waiting for those, and having lots of practice with your brothers.

You are so lucky to have three older brothers that are paving the way for you. They were all so close {less than 3 years between them all} but they are all so excited for you to come. {it's a good thing you are a boy, because had you been a girl Tim would have wanted you to sleep in the pantry} They are getting ready to have you around and play with them. I don't think that they understand that it will be a while before you can play, but hey.... let them dream.

James already is trying hard to be a good big brother. You will be ale to look up to him and learn from him. He is very kind and very sensitive. He will be the one you can lean on, and know he will always be there.

If you want to learn to be sneaky, Tommy is your guy. That boy has a way of getting what he wants. Keep close hold of you pennies though, he is out to get them. Tommy is also a good one to have in your corner. He is all about family, and is learning the fine art of sticking up for your brothers. He has a great sense of humor and will be the one to make you laugh.

Tim... ah Tim. He has been waiting for his own little buddy. Even though there is a 4 year difference between you two, I think you and he will be really close. He talks about you like you are here, and all the things you will do with him. {I hope you like trains... he is wanting you to play with him}

Now as the time gets closer to your arrival I have a few.... small.... requests. Like I said, I love feeling you move, but can you please live my ribs out of it. You have the wonderful talent of hitting the same spot all the time! And I know you are starting to feel squished but does that really mean that you need to stretch out when I'm in the grocery store when I have a full bladder?{ I have manage to make it to the bathroom in time, thank heavens, but a little help from you would be nice} And now we come to a little issue of sleeping.... I like to sleep... preferably from about 10:30 to 6:30. I do realize that I will have the need to wake and pee, but I'm use to that now. My problem is in the fact that I like to sleep on my left side.... and for what ever reason you hate when I do that. You have managed to wake me from a dead sleep with your kicking. For the love of everything that is good, please stop. You have all day to kick and squirm. Along with that.... you know having all day to move... the boys wait ever so patiently to feel you kick but alas, it is only after they go to bed that you feel the need to impress me with your acrobatic skills. They would really like to see it you know.

All my love!!! Mom


Levi and Kami's Blog said...

You are such a great mom!!! You're looking ready! Good luck!

Emily said...

What a fabulous post. Your little Benjamin is one lucky little man!

You look grand! Hang in there, girly! You're doing wonderful!!

Bec said...

Wow- you're so close! How many more days? And BTW, adorable maternity outfit!

Melissa said...

You're so close. Only a few more days and all the wiggling, kicking and stretching will come from the outside instead of in. I hope your delivery goes well. You have such a wonderful family!

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