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Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy List!!

Here is my Happy List this week.

#1 We are done with school for Spring Break!! We made it. I am so prod of the boys! We do an 11 week quarter {that's what the husband does too} so by the end we are all just fried and ready to be done.  So here is to 2 weeks of sleeping in, and late night movies, beach time, and brunch.

#2 My number 1 is why I like homeschooling.... We have the flexibility to take time off when the husband does, and that makes me happy.

#3 Today is Tommy's birthday party. We are doing a Jedi training, and I even have an Imperial TIE fighter coming to see if the younglings have really mastered the Jedi way. Fun we will all have! {I'm really excited for this!!}

#4 I got a new blender. Oooooo I like it. I can actually blend things. {it's a Ninja... if anyone wants to know}

#5 I also got a new waffle maker. I can actually make waffles for my family. 4 at a time I like that I get to eat with my family rather than making one at a time.

#6 Why did I get these new kitchen appliances??? Well because my birthday is MONDAY!!! Yes people I am aging again.{all are welcome to send presents, money and/or flowers... I'm just sayin'}

Happy Happy Happy!!


Vivian said...

I love getting new kitchen stuff. Fun Fun! Happy Happy!

sarajo said...

Nice! I so need a waffle maker that makes 4 at a time!
Two weeks of Spring Break. Awesome! Have fun!!

Tami's Eclectic Corner said...

Happy Birthday on Monday! I love new appliances! And I love sleeping in because there is no school!

My kids LOVE Star Wars. I just bought them a Star Wars game last night in fact.

Connie said...

Happy Birthday, Leah! You are fab. Enjoy your new kitchen toys!

Amy said...

Mmm, fresh homemade waffles! YUM!


Sami said...

Happy belated birthday!
Isn't it sad when you reach an age where new appliances set your heart a'flutter?
I'll never forget the birthday I had before Bug was born, and Roon felt SO BAD that I would be giving birth one week after my birthday, that he bought me my Kitchenaid Stand Mixer.
It was totally worth it...:)

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