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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tommy is 6!!

Tommy turned 6!! Man time flies! At first he wanted a Backuguan birthday. Yeah.... I thought the same thing. So with a little suggesting he settled on a Star Wars. I'm so glad that he did, be cause we had so much fun.

 Steve was able to borrow a costume of an Imperial TIE Fighter. This is him trying on the costume.

Tommy wanted strawberry/chocolate cupcakes. So that's what he got.
There was purple.... black frosting... {I should have started with chocolate because it ended up having a purple tint to it.} I found the coolest black, and silver sprinkles to go on top.
After being 'registered' they headed over to make their lightsabers {pool noodles and silver duct tape}
 There was a sack race to test their agility before learning some Jedi moves...
Here we are practicing on each other to get ready for any Imperial attacks.
It was a lot of fun!!
 I'm sure we all looked pretty funny to any on lookers but the kids had a great time.
Our training was coming along just fine then what should happen ATTACK!!!
The young Jedi's fought hard against the bad guy. {Tommy had learned the Jedi way so well that he could hold his lightsaber by the other end}
The young Padawan's fought well!!
 They ran off the Imperial forces.

After the hard work of keeping our planet safe it was time for cake!
 It was a great time had by all, Tommy is happy to be 6 now!

The Jedi start young in these parts.


Pyratess said...

Fabulous party! Fabulous pictures! I love that Benji has his hand posed like he is using the force. :-)

Sami said...

That has got to be one of the most awesome parties I have ever seen!
I never get quite the creative with my kids' parties.
I'll be sure not to show them these pictures too, or they'll know what they're missing...
Great job!

Oh! And Happy birthday Tommy!

Academy said...
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Jennifer said...

I just found your blog! I LOVE Latter-Day Homeschool - I saw your other blog wasn't updated, so I'm glad I found you here! I can totally relate to the whole Star Wars thing - I have 2 "younglings" myself and Dad is the ring leader!

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