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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Truly Edified


I feel so blessed to have been at Stake conference this weekend, and to have been edified by an Apostle of the Lord. Elder David A. Bednar came and spoke to us. It was amazing! {Elder Bednar is an Apostle in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints}

He spoke about having true faith, being willing to say "Thy will" and mean it. He spoke about true prayer. Praying with real intent, and being willing to act. If I pray to have a missionary experience I better be ready to open my mouth and testify of Him. If I am going to pray for opportunity to serve I can't just wait form someone to call me to have me do something, I need to be looking for opportunities to serve. I learned more about my Savior, and about the Plan of Salvation.

I felt the spirit testify to me that this man is a man of God. I watched as my children were quietly listening to this man speak. I am so thankful that I was able to attend Stake Conference today.

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sinika said...

Awesome! Thanks for sharing. :)

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