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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

ME.... at 31.

I am now 31.

Turning 30 wasn't at all what I expected. Growing up I would listen to other women who would complain about turning 30. I thought I was going to feel different. I don't, in fact I think I learned more about myself in this last year than I ever have.

So bring on 31! I will wear that number proudly. I am excited for this year and what it holds.

And now that I know that 30 isn't so bad... 40 is looking great!

Looking back during my 20's I was still trying to figure life out. Now I'm not saying that I understand things any better, but I do know myself better, and I'm ready to grab the bull by the horns. Here is a list of things that I will work on before I turn 40..... I want my 30's to be productive....and I figure I have 9 years to work on these things.

40 things to do before I turn 40.
{I'll be returning each year to cross things off until I finish}

1- Watch the sun rise on the beach
2- Be on the path to get my Bachelor's degree
3- Read my way through Jane Austin
4- Make a meal made entirely from my garden/farm
5- Make a Crem Brule
6- Learn to cut the boys' hair
7- Run a triathlon
8- Sew pajama pants for the family
9- Learn to play the piano
10 -Get the girls put back where they use to be, and maybe filled a little.
11- Go to Spain during the Tomato Festival
12- Have a white picket fence
13- Read the Book of Mormon in 3 months
14- Enter a photo in a contest and win
15- Learn how to use cheese wax
16- Have more children
17- Hike Mount Timpanogas
18- Attend a session in the Las Vegas Temple
19- Do at least 20 push-ups in one minute
20- Go to Europe
21- Go to Michigan to see my grandparents grave
22- Learn how to use a grill
23- Understand how the Stock Market works
24- Eat a hotdog from a street stand in New York
25- Have chickens
26- Grow Tulips
27- Go on a zip line
28- Be able to point out 7 constellations
29- Be able to teach Algebra to the boys
30- Sew a quilt
31- See Mount Rushmore
32- Learn a foreign language
32-Plant a tree for each of my children
33-Volunteer at Habitat for Humanity
34- Go to a Karaoke Bar and sing
35- Learn interior design
36- Be in a beauty pageant
37- Sky Dive
38- Go to the Rachael Ray show
39- Do a mud run
40-Go to Africa and go on a safari

My 30's are going to be great!!


Andrea said...

Leah, I think this is an awesome idea! I actually read a few 30 things to do before turning 30, but I read them about 4 weeks before I actually turn 30. I'm inclined to copy this idea since I turn 30 in about 2 weeks! Good luck!

Jen said...

I'm totally stealing this. I also want to go with you when you do Numbers 11 & 38. And we're totally crossing off the creme brulee while I'm there. :)

sinika said...

Good idea Leah- and I can totally picture you doing every one. :) Happy Birthday to you!

Pyratess said...

What a great idea. I am going to have to do this on my 31st.
I love everything on your list!
I am right there with you on numbers 2, 3, 9, 16, and 20. I need the opposite when it comes to 10 though. My back couldn't take anymore!
When it comes to 29 I need to learn it myself first and then teach it to my boys. LOL.

Rachel said...

You are just AWESOME! That's all I have to say!

Rob, Brooke, Caleb, Sophie and Jake said...

This is a great list! I want to do some of this stuff too....but definitely NOT number 37!

Tami's Eclectic Corner said...

Awesome list! When you hike Mt. Timp give me a call! I'll go with you.

Bec said...

I love your list! Maybe I should start my own. And turning was pretty cool, not something to dread. I'm hoping 40 is the same way in a few years...

Laura@livingabigstory said...

Oh my stars! I have a 40 before 40 list that I just put on my blog .... what's hysterical is that I put my list up right about the same time as you did -- we must be twins or something :)

Of course, I only have about a year to do mine, so I guess we can't really be twins :) And I think some of yours are more adventuresome than mine are -- a lot of mine are more like challenging my fears type and yours are just cool ones!

Good luck!

Sami said...

I'm so thankful for this post, mainly because I'm turning 30 tomorrow. I'm a little freaked out, but I'm not about to stop counting, either.
Now I need to come up with a list of 40 things...

Evelyn @ Hanging by a Silver Lining said...

What a great idea! When I saw you looking for more ideas I knew I HAD to see your list and i HAD to make one of my own. Thanks for the inspiration. Your #10 crackes me up...partly for the obvious and partly because I had wanted to put that on my list but worried it was too...vain? frivilous? shallow? Whatever! NECESSARY is more like it! Haha!

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