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Friday, August 5, 2011

I let the boys loose

We needed to go to Orlando for an appointment for Benji, but well.... it didn't happen. So to make the best of a bad situation we went to the Orlando Children's Museum. It was a good way to break up the day and a way to let the boys out to run before the hour drive home.

There was an exhibit with guitars, it was really neat to see all the different kinds and the progression of it. James is here with the largest -working- guitar. It is 43 feet long. {and touch-able, which James liked}

 I thought this was a cute picture of Benji, he is watching his brother play.

Tommy and Tim in the hurricane machine. I think they are getting a trial run for this hurricane season.
Tim loved it, he liked the wind whipping his hair around.
 There was a giant chess board so James and I played a game. It was fun and I think that James like the life size pieces.
I thought this was funny.... there was a flight simulator the the boys both tried. While they waited for their turn we watched many kids crash.... as did the boys. It was fun and they liked it but Tommy didn't even get off the runway before he crashed, James did a bit better, he actually go in the air, but shortly after he took a nose dive into a pond. Then there was this older gentleman... he must have been a pilot because he was actually good at it. And this man had waited a good half hour to sit and have his turn... I wonder how many times he wanted to take over the controls when the kids were flying and save the air craft.

It was a good day, we like museums and it's always an fun time.

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