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Sunday, August 14, 2011

"Not" Back to School Pictures

It's that time of year.... school picture time. I HATED school pictures. There was even one year that I had to have mine done again because they were so bad... I'm not a big picture person.

I think school pictures are dull, and boring. You sit and look at the camera, and 3.2 seconds later you are done and every kid has the same pose.

I do want the boys to have pictures every year, I just want the regular ones.

So here we go......

 James... 7 years old, 2nd grade.
 He really likes books, The Magic Tree House is his favorite series. He loves science and history.
Tommy is 6 and in 1st grade.
He is quite the ham and loves to make people laugh. He likes to write stories and is really good and just about everything. Currently he is writing a paper on cavemen.
Tim is 5 and is starting Kindergarten.
Tim loves to learn and is excited about learning his letters and learning how to read. He loves his GeoTracks and will build the most amazing tracks that you will ever see!
 He loves to laugh!
Benji is 1{yeah!} and he is in the grade of Getting-into-EVERYTHING!
He likes to run the house. When it gets quiet we know we need to go look for him. He likes to eat, open doors, eat, pull the pots out of the cupboard,  and eat.
Here are the boys, I think we all learn a lot from each other, and we all have a really good time.
This is what most of the photo shoots look like... crazy faces, babies running away, and a dog that needs to be in the picture too...
Every now and then the timing is right and I can get them all.

Here's to a great year!!!

{the dog was feeling left out so I took one of him too.}


Randi said...

I can really tell how much the boys have grown up in these pictures! It doesn't seem like you guys have been gone that long. Good luck on the upcoming school year!

Carissa said...

These are adorable!!!

I have to say I laughed out loud at the picture with the baby running by and the dog in the corner...



have a blessed school year.

Julie said...

Aw, they are too cute. And you really are outnumbered...I have 4 boys as well, but at least the cats are girls lol. Have a great year.

April said...

I have one in the grade of getting into everything too! Great pictures! I haven't done ours yet and I may have to borrow your idea of using the books as props.

Crisc said...

ADROBS!!! Have a great year =)

Pyratess said...

great idea. I am not as good of a photographer though so I just get the kids portraits taken on their birthday every year.

Jamie said...

CUTE PICS,I like those better than the plain jane school pics.Why not show the personality of each child.The dog is so cute.

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