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Thursday, August 11, 2011

ONE year old!!!

Can you believe that my baby is a year old??? This year has gone so fast!!! Lets take a little walk down memory lane....

Born 8-9-10 {what an easy birthday to remember}
He was pretty strong and learned early to lift his head.
Here is at one month. All cute and curled up. I love the way the light is shining on him.
Month 2... look at those cheeks!
Another at 2 months. I seriously can't get over these cheeks!
Here we are at 3 months his eyes have changed from that dark smokey blue to a beautiful blue, these eyes will be killer!
Here is at 4 months, he is getting so much bigger and so fun.
{can you believe that it's November!!! it was warm enough to do diaper shops}
Merry Christmas with a 5 month old.
Those eyes, and that dimple.... yeah... he's a cutie.
At 6 months he is sitting up and just waiting to get into things.
I have a hard time saying no to this... I mean really....

7 months and sitting up really well.
I love this look that he is giving to the monkey.... I was hoping he would like the monkey, but that has yet to be determined.
I love this picture of him!!! Look at those eyes!! 8 months came and went so fast, and Benji was turning into a ninja baby.... he was able to crawl really quietly and would sneak up on people.
Here he is at 9 months and not only is he pulling him self up on things he is pulling things off of shelves and bookcases... oh the joy!! The funny thing is... he will squeal and crawl away really fast as you come over to get him.
At 10 months he started walking... a surprise for us because all our other boys didn't walk until after a year... getting him to sit for a picture was really hard. {there was a plane in the air so he took a moment to look at it... I took the time to take the picture of him being somewhat still}
I love my fat baby!!! At 11 months... he is definitely not starving. His ninja skill have improved and I think he has super hearing too... every time the dishwasher, or refrigerator open he comes running.

Happy birthday baby!! I love you. It has been a joy to have you in our family. You keep us all on our toes. Your smile brightens a room and you laugh makes us all giggle. I know your brothers think you are a little bothersome now, but that come with being a little brother, they do love you and take such good care of you. You are so sweet and fun to snuggle... when you will let me. You are too busy trying to run with the big boys to let me snuggle you much. This year has gone by way to fast! Here is to many more!!!

Happy first year!!!

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