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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas day was early magical!!

It was late night with friends Christmas Eve as we giggled over gifts and paper and wrapping, and ate all the left over goodies. {and falling into bed at about 2:00}

Christmas morning I was startled awake by James who was informing me that he was awake and that Santa did in fact came to our house and that he would be really quiet and won't wake anyone up while he opens his presents.

In the groggy state that I was in I told him that nothing can be opened until the brothers are awake too.

Apparently I was not clear enough about that.

Ten minutes later he came back to tell me that Tommy and Tim were in fact awake and they were going to open presents.

I rolled my body out of bed and pushed Steve out too. The boys were ready and they were going to open present with our with out us.

It was nice... even at 4am

It was small but it was really nice. And when it was over we hunkered down and watched a new movie that James got. I fell asleep again as I was snuggled up next to Tim.

It was a wonderful Christmas. I love the simple, small Christmases that we have had, and I will always remember our time in Florida.

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