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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

That was one Tough Mudder!

Back in June a good friend, Bryce, of our was talking to Steve while I was watching Bachelor Pad with his wife Brittni. I should know better than to let the two of them talk to long beyond earshot.

The next thing I know Steve comes out with a silly grin on his face and informs me that Bryce has talked him into running a race.

Let me pause here to say that Steve has never run a race before. He has told me many times that he only runs if dogs are chasing him.... or the Army tells him.

So I laughed at him... sorry but I did.

Because this wasn't like any old road race that was a 5K or even a 10K.. oh no.... it was 12 miles and had 25 obstacles.

Bryce had talked Steve into running the Tough Mudder.

Well, running a race like this is on my bucket list,{#39} so I was game. The only thing was that I was not in shape {and nither was Steve} so Bryce offered to help train... motivate us.

{oh, and I need to mention that Bryce also talked another friend into doing this... Jason. And then... he went on to create a team 30 strong}

After injuries and busy schedules and kids and sickness.... we made it to race day.

So December 3rd. We packed up the car full of people and made our way over to Tampa.

 Bright and early... getting ready.

Walking up to get our packets there were over 15,000 runners that day. There were herds of people that were started every 20 minutes from 8:00am until 1:00pm.
Here is the group that we rode up with. {Jason, Steve, Me, Aaron, Richard, Bryce} In the beginning... when we were all clean.
We have not yet discovered what we have signed up for
Do you see that..... that in the distance. That tractor in the background. It just dumped a half ton of ice into a pool of water. I can assure you that it was cold.... very cold when one is forced into it.

That's my number.  {it was put all over my body}

I really can't believe that we are doing this!! But I am so happy to be sharing it with Steve.

 It was fun to see all the costumes that were sorn.
There were many that were dressed in the bear minimum.
The rest of this picture is not so family friendly. But he was happy enough to pose for the picture.

Our start time was 10:20, after some WOO-RAH's we were off.

At first it didn't seem so bad. And then... oh man. This race was so fun!! First the Tough Mudder support the Wounded Warrior program. And it wasn't a timed race, and that I liked. Everyone out on the course was so willing to help who ever needed it.

Except the guy who said he would catch me and didn't....

I was so proud of myself. I ran every step!! {very slowly but I did it} and I conquered every obstacle!

It was amazing!

We did it!! we earned our orange headbands!!
This is the original team of 4 we started this journey together and I couldn't have done it with out these guys. They hauled my butt over every one of the obstacles and made sure that I wasn't too far behind. We trained together in the beginning and finished together at the end.

It was the best thing I have ever done and I was so happy to do it with such great friends.
Until next year when we do it all again.

{the next day I couldn't move!! it took 3 whole days to recover from this. i am excited for next year knowing a little better what to train for.i think this will be a yearly thing.}


Me said...

Oh. My. Gosh! I think I want to do one. But I'm so out of shape, I can't even call myself round. You should be so proud of yourself. That is so awesome!!! Thank you for sharing your pictures. Any chance they got some pictures of you in action??

Cayde and Brianna Taylor Family said...

You rock. As always! I love this post and I'm proud of you. Sound like you had a ton of fun. Happy Birthday to James. Can't believe he's eight.

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