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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Trees, Blocks, Floors, and Benji

A few weeks ago we went to a friends house to have dinner, she had a gal come over to watch the boys while the adults talked. Everything was great until Benji and the floor got into a fight... clearly the floor won. It was quite sad. {and I felt really bad for the gal... he fell on her watch and she felt so bad about it}

The black eye looked really good... definitely one for the books.

In other news.... Benji can fit more than I want to into his mouth.
But he is oh, so cute. He is so fun!
Technically this is his second Christmas, but it's like his first with how in awe of everything he is.
The lights are fascinating for him.
I'm glad there are lights at his level for him to enjoy.

Every Christmas that Steve is around there are always choice words that are said while the tree is going up. And this year for good reason.... After plugging in and out and trying to figure out the cause of the problem no solution was found... so we have a striped tree this year.

It all makes for good memories.

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