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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


The first part of December we were able to go to LegoLand. It was great. It had opened in October and we went just a few months later. Going to LegoLand this time was way better than the first time. And thanks to the FAITH Co-op, we were able to go for a whopping $5 a person!!

It was a fun day! And although Steve wasn't able to come with us, we had a really good time!
Getting close, and getting so excited!
Once we got close the boys needed to climb on something.
Practicing a force choke.
I was in awe the whole time I was there at what one could make with legos. When I pull out the legos I always have such a blank as to what I should build... apparently possibilities are endless!
I love this picture of the modeling lego firemen! I think they are getting pictures taken for the calender... which I will totally pre-order
Clearly someone did not check his restraint.... he stood up pretty much the whole ride.
James is driving the boat... it's a lot harder than it looks.
After getting stuck twice and going the wrong what nad needed help turning around again, he finally made it back.
Tommy was happy to press all the buttons that were on board.
Tim was able to do a little driving, which he was really excited to do.
He drove all on his own, and I think he loved having the wind blowing through his hair.
Tommy and James were able to go to "Driving School'. It was really cool they had a little road way set up with a round-about and stop signs and stop lights.
James was a much better driver on the road than in the water.
Again... in awe... a car built in legos!
Benji did really well. While we waited in line for the other boys to ride Benji would get out of the stroller to walk around and play. He was really good all day.
This is great picture of James, I love the pure joy that is on his face.

My adrenaline junkie boys. All were tall enough to ride the roller coasters and so it was... off to all the roller coaster.
I love this look in Benji, he's not totally sure what to do with the dinosaur.
It took him a good while before he would touch it, and then he was so very careful when he did.
Once all was deemed safe... he was ready to conquer the beast.
This is a funny ride... It just went up and bounced on down... there was nobody in line so the boys just road it again and again... And the kind woman and her child road with them over and over.
We found a friend that was the sames size as Benji.
It was a long day. Made even longer by the fact that my poor body still hurt. But after a power nap all was well.
The boys also needed a quick nap, as they were worn out as well.
My crazies and I. We had so much fun!!
We went into one of the stores and this is what I found... Ever single lego! Binds and bins of Legos!! Every size, and shape that you could want.
One last time for a force choke... Darth is a strong one and the boys will have to practice hard to take him down next time. {Did you notice Tim??}
We don't buy a whole lot of souvenirs but we do get the smooshed pennies. They are a fun reminder of our travels.... and they are only 51 cents! you really can't beat that. 
A couple parting pictures of our great day!
I was sad that Steve missed it.... but I am happy that we had such a fun time. They boys were tall enough for all the rides and rode them until the park closed. I'm sad that LegoLand is 2 hours away... it makes it a bit far to go to often... I hope we will be back before we leave.

{parenting tip #54.... put your number on your kid just under the sleeve on the arm. That way if someone wanders away, you can get a call right away. This is especially helpful for those that walk but don't speak... although I never lost Benji, this would have been good for Tim... as he was the one that wandered away... twice!}

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Kara said...

I totally did the Sharpie phone number on the arm on my two younger girls this fall when we went to Disneyland. Luckily we never needed it, but I felt better having it there.

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