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Friday, December 28, 2012

All Aboard!!

While Grandma Johnson was here we went up north a ways to take a ride on the Polar Express.

When we got in the car, the boys had no idea where we were going and just rode along patiently hoping we would give them clues along the way. We didn't.

So when we pulled up to the train station they were all surprised. But nobody more so than Benji! That boy went through the roof! He was so excited!

When we got there we had a little time to spare before our train boarded, so we went to the little train museum that was there and Benji found his two favorite things, dinosaurs and trains... together!
He ran around looking at all the trains and all the models, and I think he was a little overwhelmed at them all.
When we went outside we had to wait a little longer before they boarded and it wall all Steve could do to keep him somewhat contained while standing right next to a real train.
Like all boys they all went through a Train phase, so to actually be on one was exciting for them all.

This was a random picture that I got of Tommy and Steve, and I love it! Two very handsome guys!

James and Tim sat across from us {and everyone had a window seat!}
And Benji.... boy that boy couldn't wait to start going

{even Grandma Johnson was excited}
Once the train was rolling, we were served hot chocolate, and cookies. We listen to a reading of the Polar Express, and sang Christmas carols, the Jolly man himself mad an appearance and handed each boy a bell.
It was a fun night that the boys loved, and I'm glad they got to make some good memories with Grandma Johnson too.

Now every time we watch that movie the boys can say that they to have been on the Polar Express.

{as a side note... it was not all it was cracked up to be. The train went backwards and then forwards through a trailer park of the little town that it was in. The "North Pole" was some halfway decorated houses at the end of the tracks and the boys asked why Santa had plastic deer that he was standing next too.... It was fun and I know they enjoyed it, but maybe next year we'll look for a different Polar Express}

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Gingerrose said...

That looks like so much fun! I will have to keep my eye out for something like that around here. Anthony heard about a real thomas the train experience from someone but when I looked it up, it was 3 hours away. I don't think that will happen :) But there is a train expo at the fairgrounds next weekend and we are all going. I can't wait to see if James will actually be excited or just overwhelmed :)

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