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Friday, December 28, 2012

The Road Trip of Body Fluids

Just as a warning this is all gross... there are no pictures {you are welcome} but looking back it already was a pretty funny trip....

So we are on our way to Florida the the big day... the final day... the Graduation! We left really early on Tuesday because Steve needed to check out of school later that day.

We got into the car, said a prayer and we were on our way. I asked about Dramamine for Tim because he gets car sick. We figured that it had been awhile since he last threw up in the car we were probably good. For the most part the trip was uneventful the boys read books, we listen to music {80's Pop} and just enjoyed each other company.

I told the boys that as soon as we crossed the Florida state line that they could play Angry Bird on the Tablet.

Now normally I pack some Gallon size Ziplock backs for those just incase moments. Well of course this time I forgot... they were sitting on the table and just didn't make it into the car. We were about an hour away from Port Orange and that's when it happend

Tim looked up and said, "Mom, I don't feel good" -"Are you going to throw up??"- "Yes".... In all my pregnant glory I jumped back into to backseat and frantically looked for something... any thing. There was nothing. I grabbed Tim's blanket, because at least it would contain some of the mess, and out it came. Once... and then twice.

Steve pulled over, and Tim got out. he was able to walk around a bit, and he felt better and we changed seats around to give him a little more room and more air.

Thankfully we were staying with friends, and the first thing I did was a load of wash!

Oh if that was all of it....

That night Tim was bothered by his eye. It was a little crusty, but I just thought he was tired and by morning he would be fine. Well.. I woke up to a little boy whose eye was crusted shut. After a warm washcloth and helping him peel it apart it was determined that he was the lucky recipient of Pink Eye!! Yes on vacation, staying with friends and he had pink eye.... Thankfully {again} the friends we were staying with, Virgina and Anthony... well he is a Nurse Practitioner and was able to confirm my diagnoses and  put in a prescription for him that day. I kept it under control and was so vigilant about having Tim wash his hands that fortunately it didn't spread... not to them, not to any of the brothers! {which I was genuinely surprised about}

The rest of the time we were in Florida things were pretty smooth. And then there was the trip home.

I'm not sure what happened. Maybe it was all the eating out, or the junkfood or a combination of the two, but poor Tommy. We were about half way home when he started to panic. And not just any panic but the kind you know when it's not going to end well. I had bags ready this time just in case, but a ziplock bag was not going to help him. A poor cry came from the back seat... "Mom... I need to go to the bathroom... I have to poop" -"Ok, we'll pull over when we can"- "No, I really need to go now" -"well we have about 3 miles until we can pull over for you"- "Mom!!! It's coming!!!" -"HOLD IT TOMMY!!!"- "I CAN'T!!"..... "I didn't..." poor kid.

We were finally able to pull over, he got cleaned up and dignity was restored.

Benji did not want to be left out and peed through his diaper, and had a very wet car seat. And picked a scab and had a bloody foot.

James not to be out done... felt sick as well... fortunately it was a false alarm and he made it home without incedent.

I'm sure the boys will look back on this and laugh about it, but for now, poor Tommy get's really panicy if he can't get to the bathroom right away.

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Gingerrose said...

Oh.my.gosh. Insane!!! Those boys are going to remember this trip to florida for the rest. of. their. lives. :)

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