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Saturday, December 22, 2012

He's a Doctor!!

After 3 years, and blood-sweat & tears... literally... Steve is done. He is graduated! When we started this journey I was sure that we would be in Florida forever! I thought that it would be forever that Steve would be studying or going to classes. 

And at the time it did seem like forever, but now that it's done looking back it all went so fast!

And just so it's out there... I do take credit for this as well. I know that Steve went to class and had to take the tests and stuff... but seeing that we have a family Steve really couldn't have done it with out me. The certificate may have his name on it but I will claim it as my own as well.

We met some incredible people on our journey some our favorites were Jason and Jenny. They became like family to us. Jason and Steve were in class together and Jenny became one of my best friends. They have loved our boys like their own. 

Jenny and Jason with the boys.... even though they don't look it the boys love them and were so excited to see them one last time before they head to Italy!
I will miss this wonderful friend.
Steve's mom was able to come out to see the graduation. It was nice having Grandma Johnson visit us. I was so happy to see the boys make some good memories with Grandma Johnson.
Really.... I'm not sure what is up with my boys when they take pictures... the whole smile thing... what ever... this is my crazy family, and I love them!
I am so stinkin' proud!! He worked so hard and gave so much to do well.
I think he was nervous but trying not to show it. This is the last moments before real life... before a real job, and the dreaded student loans...

After lots of pictures... {with a baby who didn't get a nap by the way...} We walked in and sat down, we had some good seats and were ready to watch the ceremony. I had snacks, and sippy cups, and what ever miscellaneous and random things I could find in my purse.

Well... the 3 boys were very good, and sat and watched the people walk across the stage, many who they knew and became friends with as well. I think that was fun for them. Benji on the other hand, wanted to talk to me about the dinosaurs and the trains... and that lead to dirty looks from those around me. I took Benji into the cry room, I could see and hear what was going on and Benji could talk away... or use the entire time to try to escape out the door.

Then it came time for all the graduates to walk across the stage and accept their diploma. I stepped out to take a few pictures. Benji didn't want to be in the room with out me. I open the door and off he took. So to avoid further distraction from the traveling circus that we turned into, I picked him up and attempted to take pictures with him in my arms...

yeah... it didn't work so well.

I'm sure he thought he was being helpful... 

It was a good day, and one that I'm sure we will all remember.

Congratulations Steve! I am so proud of you and for the hard work that you put into your schooling and juggling the time with studying and a family and church callings as well. You are and good man and I am so lucky to be married to someone with so much ambition. I truly look forward to this next adventure!

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