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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas from Us!!

Merry Christmas from the Grammers!!

{Well, this is as good as it's going to get this year...}

We had a great year and new adventures where had.... her is our top 10

1. We found out in May that we are expecting again, and June we found out that we are expecting BOY #5! We expecting his arrival in January.

2. I am still homeschooling, and this is our 4th year and we are still enjoying it.

3. Tommy started piano lessons this year and is doing great!

4. Tim learned how to ride a bike, and now is a crazy two wheeler rider and loves it.

5. Benji's vocabulary has exploded and he will talk and talk to you all day long. He loves to sing, he love dinosaurs, trains and fire stations.

6. James is still playing the violin, and was able to play in a children's symphony in the summer.

7. We moved... again... to North Carolina, after lots of thought and many prayers we decided that we are to be in North Carolina. Steve is working in a great office.

8.The boys and I have started GeoCaching and it has been so fun, the boys love finding treasure, and are really good at it.

9.We have had a year of no stitches or broken bones! Pretty good with 4 boys!

10. Steve GRADUATED!! He is officially a Doctor now! 3 years have paid off! {now we have the grand opportunity to pay back all the school loans that we have acquired}

It's been a wonderful year. We are looking forward to 2013 with open hearts and minds. We are looking forward to meeting our newest member and welcoming him to the family. I hope that the new year is a joy for you as well with lots of love and happiness.

We love you all!!

{hopefully next year there will be an actual card in the mail!!}

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Saimi said...

Yay congratulations to your Husband!!! You have such a darling family, hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!!!

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