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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Family Home Evening

I feel like my life is pretty haphazard sometimes. I feel like things just fall into place {thankfully} sometimes, and other times it's complete chaos.

I feel like sometimes we have a great Family Home Evening, and other times it's just spent yelling at each other. I'm hoping that following Elder Bednar's counsel that we will be blessed if we are consistent and do it every week.
{go here to see what Family Home Evening is...}

I have a little time on my hands while I wait for our new arrival. I don't want to get to deep into school and then stop, so we are on a light schedule with reading and math. And I'm doing a lot of teaching on how to do chores properly. You know... it really is so much easier to just do it all myself, but the boys need to know how to do things properly, and they are learning.

But I digress.... Back to Family Home Evening.

We have a song, prayer, scripture, family counsel, lesson, song prayer, treat.... pretty easy but I feel like there is something missing. There is teaching that is going un-taught and I want to fix that. Not that our Family Home Evening needs to take hours, but sometimes it over so quick that I wonder what the boys got out of it... I wonder what I got out of it.

Tristan over at Our Busy Homeschool has some great ideas, and put together a plan for Family Home Evening that I feel is perfect for our family. And I am excited to put it into action.

First I want to say that I like how we do our Family Home Evening. I like that when the boys are in charge of the lesson, they do it all.... they choose it and present it. Usually they use the gospel art kit and tell the story that goes with the picture that they have picked. I like that it's all them, and not something prepared by me for them to do.

But like I said we need something more.

Along with what we already do, we are going to learn about the Modern Day Prophets, and people from the scriptures. Nothing in depth, but a little about each person. For the modern day prophets we'll learn what was going on in the world while they were presiding and personal things about them. For the people from the scriptures we will learn where we can find them in the scriptures, who they are, and the example that they set for us to follow. We will have a new one every week.

We will be learning a new song every month. Six from the Children's Song Book, and 6 from the Hymn Book. The boys get so excited when we sing a song in Sacrament meeting and they know it well.

We will also be learning and memorizing one new scripture a month. Again six of them are from the Primary theme and 6 are from the Doctrine and Covenants. {we may add more scriptures... we'll see how this goes..}

I need to put it into a calendar and  get a few more things organized but I am excited to start this the first of the year. I'm sure we will still have some FHE that are less then stellar... {I mean who has perfect FHE all the time??} but at least it's something to look forward to each week.

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Tristan said...

That sounds so awesome Leah! And I agree, we've never had perfect FHE but it is something the kids look forward to most of the time.

For learning about the prophets I am sure there is a lot of free stuff but wanted to mention that Discover the Scriptures has a whole download called Discover the Latter Day Prophets with a packet of stories and printable pages to do for each one. I am pretty sure you can download the part for President Monson for free as the sample, so even if you don't want the whole thing it is something for him.

Books we've read about the prophets:
Christmas with the Prophets by Laura Willes
Boys Who Became Prophets by Lynda Cory Robison (has Joseph Smith through Gordon B. Hinkley) and focuses on when they were boys, not adults.

Your library may be able to find one of these!

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