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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Functional Family....

We went up to Utah to see my family, we had a great time hanging out, having a BBQ and letting all the cousins play together. Oh, all the kids have a great time together. We also had some time to get in some family pictures. I love my family but oh, the pictures always end up being a great event. Anyone standing by would just laugh.... at Grandpa setting the camera and running to get to his spot. Trying to get all the kids to look at the camera and not at Grandpa running. But wait... put the binkis back in and give the kids what ever they want to make them smile.... We did get a great picture. {and some family ones}

Here is the family all happy... or at least trying to be.

All the girls in the family....
Here we have Boys to Men.... {Get it??? I make myself giggle}

So after the pictures we got the grill fired up for the Manti Chicken {because it wouldn't be a family function with out it} and a ton of other good food. Carolyn made a great salad!!

After the food, which much have had crazy pills in it, Grandma got out the slip n slid. Which was fun, what would a slip and slide be with out tears... so we had some. Ok so with that out of the way, the party really got started!! All the big kids got in on the action. {Just so you all know I LOVE having a blog so I can show great pictures of my family, and anything else that I want... so her is a snippet of the day. Really this is only a few shots that I got of these crazy people}

Here is Grandpa flying out of the water, who knew old men can fly.

Here comes Grandma down the slide.{what a spunky woman!}
Now these next two pictures are a little PG-13, just for all of the sensitive ones.... or anyone under the age of 13}
My beautiful sister Eliza.... and her cleavage

My great brother-in-law Nick, and a butt crack....

Here is the husband coming down the runway. There was a contest to see who could slide the farthest off the slip n slide.... {yes we are really mature} Anyway, Hyrum {brother} went first and did really well. Then Rodney {brother} went next and slide further than Hyrum. And then Steve took a turn.... he blew them out of the water {literally} and totally out slide my brothers. {what a proud moment for me}

Picture of one of my other sisters falling, Sariah actually got pretty far before she fell... I was impressed.
A bunch of crazy people with out shirts.... wait.. Rod you forgot to take yours off... oh, sorry you did.... {and I thought my farmers tan was bad.} So here we have wet t-shirts, and boys with no shirts...
It was so fun, and that will forever be a day that we talk about. I'm so glad that we can get together and have a great time. Thanks family for making it such a fun time!!!

So after that... I guess this picture shows the true personalities in this crazy.... but very functional family.

{totally worth clicking on to enlarge}


Kathy said...

Looks like a GREAT time! How cool to have that many people to call "family" and enjoy getting together with. WOW.

parentingBYdummies said...

Looks fun! Visiting from SITS 'cause I love meeting moms of boys (I have 3 too!).

Amy said...

What a fun family!

Camie said...

What a fun family runion! I love that everyone took a turn on the slip and slide. Too funny.

Stuart and Heather said...

How fun! Reading this makes me want a reunion with my family!

Jen said...

Couldn't get the picture to enlarge, but is Steve grabbing your boob in this picture?? :)

Melissa said...

Looks so fun! I couldn't get the pictures to enlarge either - I tried a bunch of times. I always try to guess who is who since it has been so long since I've seen anyone. But as far as I can tell you all look great and I think Grandpa Dave might even be smiling!

EmilieAn said...

are you seriously getting "honked" by your yetti? I'm stunned. Honked by your parents in a photo for the mantle.

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