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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sitting... just sitting,

Ok, everyone stop for just a moment, you hear that??? Quietness.... Right now it's quiet. The husband needed to get into be early to be up for an early meeting, and the boys are asleep, after listening to them giggle for about a half hour. {or screaming at each other, but I believe in hoping for the best, don't you?}

Anyway I was thinking about the boys and all they {we} have been through. Did you know that James lived in 5 different houses before he was one? {oh the joys of the military}

I really feel so lucky to be their mom. They bring so much joy {and crazy} to my life. I still think that the Lord thought it would be funny to see me with three kids under three, but I wouldn't change it. Wait..... nope, I wouldn't change it.

Now most {normal} people wait a year before thinking about another kid, we were blessed with a pregnancy 6 months after James. And then a year after Tommy was born, we were expecting again. If thing were to go as we had planned we probably would only have two of these boys.... {3 in less than 3 years = crazy} But I truly can not picture my life with any of them.

My oldest.... so full of drama! Everything is an act. His imagination runs wild when he plays. He loves to learn and asks for the meaning of every thing. He loves to be taught, and to be read to. It's fun watching him learn in Primary, and he reminds me of the simple truths of the gospel. He loves to sing. He is slowing growing out of wanting to be snuggled, but every now and then he'll let me hold him. Even though he's not a big snuggler anymore, he loves to have hugs, and I'm thankful that a hug and a kiss still solve his problems and hurts. He and I have been through so much together, between moves and deployments, some times it's hard watching him grow and become more independent, not needing me as much and yet I love seeing his wings stretch and trying new things. He is determined to do what he sets his mind to.

The middle.... He was born while the husband was gone. And although he loves his dad it's me who he clings too. He is so funny and has the funniest quirks. Self proclaimed vegetarian, with the occasional hot dog, loves all things vegetable {except bell peppers} He is a clown and always makes me laugh with the crazy things that he does. He knows what he likes and what he doesn't and once he sets his mind to something there is no changing it. He trys really hard to be helpful and keep his brothers out of trouble. He is my snuggler, and will always let me hold him. His day is a lot better if he has has his snuggle time in the morning. He brings me flowers every day, and tells me I'm beautiful. {who doesn't love that?}

The baby.... I have laughed and cried with this child. Born 10 weeks premature and, thankfully, has had no lasting effects from it. He is so strong willed and will conquer the world with his determination. Every thing he does is with fire in his eyes. It has been hard for him to learn that there is a pecking order and he is still the youngest. Always quick with an "I'm sorry" it's hard to be mad at him when he flashes that smile. He keeps me on my toes, as he is so full of mischief. Being the youngest doesn't stop him from trying everything his brother do. If they jump he will to. This boy adores his father, and given the choice will choose him over me. Having the boys so close together, I don't remember the other two at this age, so it's been fun to really see a two year old. I cherish the quiet moments that I have with him.
I love these boys so much and they keep me grounded in a crazy sort of way.


Future Mama said...

Awww, how CUTE are they!!? And my dog is by boy too! haha.

Oh man, you have a beautiful family! And the most adorable blog!

I found you through SITS! :)

Stuart and Heather said...

Aren't they just the craziest, most wonderful, messy, playful, pull my hair out kind of thing that has ever happened to you? I know exactly how you feel, and I love seeing it in print. You must be and AMAZING momma!

Alicia said...

Hey! I saw you on SITS and thought I'd stop by! What a beautiful family you have! I'm sure you're always on your toes =) Church must be fun! We can hardly make it through Sacrament most Sundays! Hope you're having a great day!

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