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Saturday, June 20, 2009

If he wasn't so dang cute, I would sell him

We had a pretty normal day today. It started with a walk with Tim. I mentioned a walk and before I could roll out of bed Tim was already half dressed {surprisingly had his legs in his pants the right way.} We went out with the dog and looked at every ant hill we could find. I did lunges and squats while he tortured the insects.

I got home and remembered that I needed to pray, good thing I did because the day just got better....

First stop.. Walmart. I had to get some last minute things for a baby shower I was throwing with my neighbor. While we were there the boys wanted to pick up one last thing for dad for Father's Day. I did a quick head count... 1,2,3 and turned the corner. Was looking at things and realized that there were only two in the fight that was going on. {oh, crap} Called his name.... nothing. Run back grab the brothers and start my trek looking for the my other child. I see him holding the hands of two workers. I yell down the aisle, "that's my kid" they turn and look at me and ask Tim, "is that your mom?" {I'm totally patting my self on the back for letting him have that cookie before breakfast} He yells back {because that's the only volume he has} "Yeah!!!" They believed me....

So after that trip and one to the dollar store because I was NOT going to pay $10 for an umbrella when I could get them for a $1!!!

After that we went to the Library. Everything here went well. Tommy {of course} has to go to the bathroom... and well, it wasn't to pee. So I thought it was better for him to strip down at home rather than at the Library... We gather our things and head out. Tim grabs some random book {or so I thought} and takes off running through the Library weaving in and out of all the people. Trying not to draw to much attention to myself I run after him without screaming. I finally catch up to him at the check out desk, but not before he throws the book up and over the desk and nearly hit the lady in the process.

I get a dirty look from her as she is picking up the book off the floor and holds it up. I tell her that although it looks like it I need it I wasn't going to be checking out the book "Parenting for Toddlers" today.
{I'm sure she has it sitting on a shelf waiting for me for our next visit.}


Isabel Princes said...

Haha... Funny that's the book he grabbed :)
Visiting from SITS

Amy said...

I think we all have days like that. I love when it's bed time, and I can just relax...and usually fall asleep right after they do.

Emily said...

Wow...what a fantastically memorable day! Your boys are so cute and busy...keep up the wonderful work!!

Joseph said...

Haha... a great library story!

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