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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Red, White & Blue Swap

I totally LOVE doing swaps, and Mamarazzi is a great host!!! This time it was Red, White and Blue themed. I love shopping for these and even more than that, I love getting something unexpected in the mail.

Debra was my partner. Her hubby is in Texas right now, while she is still in Utah. My heart goes out to you Debra, I know how it feels to live with out the hubby.

While the husband and I were watching a movie, he says,"Oh, you got this in the mail" {Have I not taught the husband anything?? Packages should be rushed to the person immediately to be opened!} So I opened it up and pour out the contents.

First off there were Laughy Taffy's, I love Laughy Taffys, and I look forward to Halloween for that reason. So we started munching on that. {we just finished the popcorn, so it was nice to have the sweet after we had salty} And I had one with a joke that was actually funny. Are you ready? **If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring???*** {read down to the end for the answer}

That with the startburst was so yummy to have. There were only red Starbursts, so she probably went through a couple bags to have so many to put in for me.

There was a cute shirt from Kohl's, some note cards with blue envelops, and a magnetic notepad. I really like these and always have a stash around the house, so I can just pull out the next one. There are some red TicTac's that look really good {taking to church with me}

She sent some her favorite lipgloss, it's pink... I like it, I'll try it tomorrow.She was going to send me red. Thank you for not... I've tried red, and I'll say it... I look like a hooker with red lipstick/lipgloss.

I got a little manicure set, and some sockies.

My favorite was the syringe. It's a pen! I pulled it out and was kinda creeped out that I would get a syringe, but at closer inspection, it is in fact a pen.... that write with red ink. I love it!!

Thank you Debra for the great package, and Mamarazzi for hosting, you do a great job!!

{A: Pilgrams.... I thought it was so funny!!}


MiMi said...

Great stuff!
I am loving Mamarazzi's swaps!

Jen said...

I LOVE Laughy Taffy too!!!!
Glad you got lots of great swap stuff!

*Noelle* said...

cute stuff! love the girly things to pamper ya!

Debbie said...

I came over from the swap to see the your neat package. I love that syringe pen too. I've seen them before but never seen them for sale. I wonder where people find them.

Joy said...

I never heard of a syringe pen but how fun is that to be able to pull out of your purse to write with!

Josie said...

How fun! I wanted to follow you guys, but you dont have a followers thingy.... :( Hehe- glad you had fun!

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