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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Karma.... Sweet Karma

So it's no secret that I have three boys incredibly close in age... {how could you not know, I blog about it all the time} What you don't know is that I have three really good friends, my Yaya's if you will. And when I told them that I was pregnant with our third {Tim} and that there would be less than 3 year between the three of them there was laughing, hysteria, laughing until there was tears, and I'm sure that some even laughed until they peed {Em}. Well I have come to say "Girls.... Karma's a B%*#@"

Let me tell you about my wonderful Yaya's....

First there's Emiliean, she's the one that's the crazy one.... yeah, that's pretty much right. When we met in Monterey she just had one child... a very adorable brown eyed boy. Through the next couple years they tried for more, she was able to get pregnant but not able to stay that way. Well low and behold she conceived and 9 months later got another boy. {we were all very excited for her} Then, 9 months after #2 was born, I get a call.... "I pulled a Leah" she said. Yes, before her second was a year old, she was knocked up again. Oh, the irony!!! So now they are blessed with three boys.

The next Yaya, is Jen. {Martha Stewart you have some serous competition with this woman!!} I was introduce to her by Em while we were in Monterey as well. We crashed with them twice as we were in between places, and our friendship grew. {if you want to test out a friendship, stick 4 adults, 1 child, one dog in a two bedroom apartment... oh but wait... you have to add that the two women are pregnant, and both husbands just got word that they are deploying, oh, the hormones, and the tears!} Anyway.... Jen did it the normal way, have a baby, wait a little bit and have another. Lucky for them both were boys and lucky for me they were the same ages as mine {built in friends}. She found out she was pregnant while they were recently here in Sierra Vista, they thought for sure that this one would be the little girl that they want... I need to take a moment.... Ha Ha Ha. Yes, it's ANOTHER boy. Again... 3 boys!!!!

Oh, and then there is the Yaya, Brianna. She is such a great person, and you can't help but love her. {and she up for anything, and when she starts to giggle her stories get funnier} So when we met Brianna, she had no kids and we all cried when she lost her first baby to miscarriage. Then we all happy when she told us she was, in fact pregnant, and then laughed {and laughed} when she said it was twins.... the tears and pee came when she said it was boys. As fate would have it... and what happens in Paris, stays in Paris, unless that is of course a baby in the womb then it comes back home to the states with you. So here she was, a country away, and pregnant... BEFORE THE TWINS WERE ONE!!! How crazy would it have been if it were yet another boy, but alas, Brianna had "our" first girl.

Girls I love you!!! You know that. I just had to laugh that Jen would be adding yet another boy to our crew. Here's the count.... Boys-11 Girls-1


Cayde and Brianna Taylor Family said...

YEAH! Avery will just have her pick when it comes to dating time. Or as Jen puts it,"She'll have 11 brothers watching out for her." Hooray for YA-Ya's and you wonderful people each of you are. Love you all

Jen said...

Here's my theory. If we're going to live on a compound, we're going to need lots of boys to mow, weed, farm, etc. This way, the girls can be pampered princesses.

{leah} said...


Stuart and Heather said...

We all need friends like this! You are lucky to have them!

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