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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cow Pies, Cross bows, and 4 Wheelin'

This past Saturday we went 4-wheeling with our neighbors, the Binghams. It was Priscilla's birthday and they invited us to go with them and enjoy the afternoon. By the way Priscilla turned 35 is expecting and looks fabulous!

After pulling up and getting the quads un loaded the kids immedietly jumped on them wanting to get going. As we were unloading James had to go pee so Steve took him in to bushes to go and when he came back James brought me a present... Yes, James brought me cow crap. He was so proud of it until Steve told him what it was, then he was pretty discused.

Priscilla and I were getting the food ready, we brought a couple card tables and set those up and got out the food. Well, there were suppose to be 2 other families coming with us, but do to personal things had to back out. We still had all that food and a 6 FOOT sandwhich to share between the two families. As we were getting everything ready we realized that in the midst of everything we forgot plates. So here we are improvising.
It was easier to just dump some food out and let them have at it rather than try to seperate the food up. Tim was just grabing what ever he could anyways, so it was nice knowing that at least he wasn't dumping any plates. While the kids were eatting Allen Bingham tried getting a fire going. Well, that attrached all the children (fire usually does that to kids, like flys to honey).
I don't think Allen ever learned how start a fire in Boy Scouts, so after dumping gas on the wood adn paper the fire finally started.

Here's just a good picture, if you didn't think that army fatigues and guns were hot, look again...
Yes I asked Steve to wear the black shirt so we would match. I think we look really cute.

Ok, so FINALLY (as the boys would say) we got on the 4-wheelers to ride. We only had 2 so we just took turns. I took James and Tommy with me on one and Pricilla took Calab and Megan with her.
The Binghams have 3.5 children. Emery who is 9 Megan who is 6 and Calab who is 2. Now Tommy and Calab are like mortal enemies! Seriously.... they battle each other non-stop at each others' house, but being on neutral ground they play really well with each other.

Pricilla and I got back from 4-wheeling and the (big) boys were playing with Steve's cross bow. Why do we have a cross bow you ask... Oh, well Steve bought it at a yard sale for $5. So why not have a cross bow? They were having a good time shooting and trying to keep an eye on the kids as well. (Thanks to Emery for watching out for Tim)

But what would a day outside be like if Time was not into something?
We had a lot of fun and the weather was really (really!) nice. And all the boys got nice and dirty!!!
Tim just hung around, he was to little to put on the 4-wheeler, he had a good time rolling in the dirt and eatting what ever food fell to the floor. (At least it was food -huh-)

The funny thing about these pictures of Tommy is this is usaully what he looks like. We could be in the house all day and his face will still attrach all the dirt. He is such a character!

I took thses pictures of James, and I couldn't get him to look at me so you get to see expressions instead. James couldn't get enough of the ham on the sandwhich so that is what he is shoving in his mouth. Lately he has been asking for ham everyday at lunch so to have it around for him was just heaven.

And here is our 4th child. (Actully our 1st, we got Captain before wehad kids) Captain did really well just hanging around with us. He went off to see what was around but didn't go too far. He was really great with all the kids and kept an eye out for all of them.

It was a great day, and we had so much fun, and made many memories. (Thanks Bingham's)

And now as we drive down the street the boys are quick to point out the 4-wheelers that they see and ask when we are going to ride them again.


Aunt Michelle said...

I laughed out loud when I read this! There's nothing like cow pie for dessert. And yes, army fatigues are HOT and so are YOU! I am wearing my camo sweats right now also!
It's super heavy duty being such a freakin beauty!
More amusing was the picture of Tim rolling in the dirt with the dust cloud surrounding hime and the kids eating off the table. We always said we wouldn't need a babysitter if we just left a big bowl of pasta in the middle of the floor for the kids.

Emily said...

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Katie said...

So fun! And I'm so jealous! We are freezing our butts off!! So you totally have to tell Priscilla congrats for me! That is so awesome! And I can't even begin to tell you how much Tommy reminds me of Shylynn! Just today I had marker all over the wall in the hallway and crayon all over my chest freezer. She has recently colored Anya's barbie and her baby doll as well. Since when did she decide she loved coloring so much! Love ya girl!

amberacottrell said...

What a fun time! I love the pictures of your kids they are adorable. BUT I think the picture of you and your hubby is so hot! What a fun thing and how I wish I was 4 wheelin' and not freezing!

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