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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What did I learn today??

Boy today was one of those days that I wanted to box up the boys and send them off.... So here are some of the things that I learned about....

Tommy decided that he wanted to "drink" the syrup. He is really good at figuring things out and how to get things open and stuff I just didn't realize that he was tall enough to reach things off the counter.

Also... did you know that you can dry cucumber? Well you can especially if it gets left on the floor. I'm going to have to get a knife to scrape this one off.

Oh, and here's one.... apparently you can make great rainbows with salt!! I asked James what he was doing and he said "making rainbows" so ok, what ever. I come down stairs and Tommy had a half cup of salt in one hand and the salt in the other, and indeed James was making rainbows with the salt that Tommy poured onto the table.

I also learned that Tim is tall enough to get things out of the garbage when it's only half full. (man, they grow fast, don't they)

So here we are.... Tommy is looking for something???
He has pulled most of the toys out looking for what ever it is that he wants.I see Tommy run out of the play room giggling and playing with the other boys. I walk by the playroom and this is what I saw....

Not sure if he found what he was looking for or if he just gave up. Now the crazy thing about this is that the table was in the closet under the stairs. So Tommy got the table out and opened it up, and then started stacking things.
Moral of the story.... Children are taller than you think, but still short (and smart) enough to want to stack things.

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