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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I CONCEDE (thanks jen)

That's right.... I concede! To what you ask? SCRAPBOOKING!!! Yes, I'm not scrapbooking anymore! I've tried all the paper stuff, to make it look pretty and cute and fabulous (Like EmilieAn's and Lucy's and Christy's) and I've tried doing it on the computer (which I love because there is no mess) But for what ever reason it takes me like 2 hours to put a 2-page layout together. Really, I'm serious. And this makes me mad because I watch the for mentioned people put like a like 6 pages together in that same amount of time. And doing it on the computer is great but it still takes me so long to do it. So here's where I say good bye. Good bye Scrapbooking, and hello Blurbs.com!!! This is great.... I found a place that will print my blog. In scrapbookin I love all the journaling and by the time I get to doing it I can't remember why I thought that moment was great. (I have James stuck at 6 months, Tommy only has one picture in a book, Steve is almost home from Iraq (and in a separate book hasn't even left on his mission yet) and Tim doesn't exist) so this way after a year I can get the book published with all my thoughts and pictures and everything and have it printed in a book. I'm really excited about this. So there you go.... Now wait just a minute.... I'm still crafty (if you can call it that) I just don't like the pressure of trying to keep up with the boys. So I still have stamps and scissors and paper (gotta love the paper!) and stickers and tape and ribbon, oh the list can go on, and on. So I won't really be getting ride of anything (sorry Steve) Just adding more stuff in a different way....

Ok so after my last post I though I would take a turn from that. And while many of you are dealing with snow and cold, and grey skies I am happy to announce that it is 65 degrees today and the sun is shining and the skys are blue. And I have really great kids.
I'm so thankful that they are happy and healthy boys. I have been blessed in large amounts and I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for the opportunity to be a mom to these wonderful boys.

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Jen & The Boys said...

I think you mean concede? I give up by the way -


Might as well add the link to your "friends and family". Hopefully I'll do better at keeping it updated than I did myspace. :)


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