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Friday, January 18, 2008

No More Problems in the World....

Ok, I want you to picture me standing on my soap box, ok maybe two of them (I'm kinda short).

I was listening to the news the other day and I was wanting to hear what was said about Mitt Romney winning the Michigan primaries vote(I went to bed before I could hear what Mitt said). Well.... incase you missed it we are not voting any more, nor is the war in Iraq going (bring all the troops home men), the poverty problem has all been solved and I guess we found the cure for all cancers in the world. Do you know how I know this. Because when I turned on the News they were talking about Tom Cruise!!!! Do we seriously not have anything better to worry about than Tom Cruise. So because World Peace had been found ( I don't know why that wasn't reported) I left it on to see what they were saying about him that was so important. This is bits of what I caught while I was dressing children and wondering if I should still give food to the food banks, because you know, the hungry are all full now. Ok, they were talking about (among other things) was Tom being second in command in his church, The Church of Scientology. Why this is a big deal I don't know. They were also making comments about his religion. Now this isn't something I agree with or am interested in but really people, he's not killing anyone, or braking any laws so why are we so concerned with him. It goes back to the 11th Article of Faith -We claim the privilege of worshiping Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience, and allow all men the same privilege, let them worship how, where, or what they may. Yes, I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of latter Day Saint (Mormons), and I worship how I see fit, why can't we extend that right to others with out bashing there religion. Like I said he's not hurting anyone.

Ok, so the next thing I hear is that Suri (Tom and Katie's daughter) is not Tom's. That Katie was inseminated with someone else's sperm. Seriously people.... doesn't this happen everyday, if it is true. What does it matter? I mean I guess this is important if the oceans are all clean now, and there's no more pollution in them. Or since we no longer have to worry about children getting kidnapped.

Here's another thing getting back to the elections. Do you know WHAT you are voting for? Not who but WHAT. What do the candidates stand for? What is there background. What is there experience? How do they present themselves in a debate? We are not voting for homecoming king (or queen) this is then next person to be at the head of our country. Notice I DIDN'T say running our country, because if you forgot it's "By the people, for the people." If you don't like what is going on get out there and do something. If you don't know how figure it out. Why are we letting the few loudest people out there decide for the rest of us. And why are we voting on things like race, religion, and sex. What ever happen to "best man for the the job." Do you even know who is running and what they stand for, what there platform is, what they plan to do with our country the next 4 years and why? My next question is WHY NOT. yeah, yeah, you're busy, I know, aren't we all. But still this is your responsibility as citizens of this nation to help take care of it and do what is best for it. (If you are not a citizen go back to your own county, harsh I know but I live in a boarder town and I don't appreciate my friends getting shot at just so you can have a piece of the pie... do it legally) By taking a stand we can make a difference. Here's another question... why do you vote the way you do? Because you where brought up to be a Democrat or Republican? Because your favorite celebrity or musician is one way or the other? Please!!! Take a stand of your own. There is nothing wrong with voting the same way as another person but do it for your own reasons not theirs.

Here is the links to the major candidates (in alphabetic order) the first is there Official home web page and the next is a bio of there life. There... I did the work for you, all you have to do now is to read it.

-Hillary Clinton Official site, Hillary's bio
-Mike Huckabee official site, Mike's bio
-John McCain Official site, John's bio
-Barack Obama Official site, Barack's bio
-Mitt Romney Official site, Mitt's bio

Change does not come when we sit around and wait for it. And YES, you are responsible for what happens here.

Ok, I think I'm done.... You can now picture me picking up the two boxes and taking them with me (I'm sure I'll be on them again) and walking away.

Oh, by the way I guess the war is not over because the 142 National Guard out of Utah is deploying again. Oh, and yup, we still have poverty and diseases, sorry to build your hopes up and then dash them.


Amy said...

This is why I don't watch the evening news. It is also why I've started a series of posts on my blog called An Idiot Nation. The other evening I was watching The Office and the "Teaser" for the ten o'clock news was, "Why is Christmas on December 25th? Stay tuned to find out."

Words can not explain how irritated it makes me! :)

Missy said...

The voting thing always gets me too. I can remember asking one of my husband's friends (who was working for someone's campaign last year) what his canidate stood for and he could not answer me. Seriously.
And I realize that you are disappointed that World Peace has not been achieved, and that you feel it's not important to know whether Suri is Tom's biological kid. I assure you that it is important b/c if she is then she will bring about World Peace. Trust me, I know things.

Brandi said...

I can't watch the news anymore either (despite the fact that I think all news is from NYC, even though I'm not living in San Diego). And I don't care about Tom Cruise and all his craziness. Actually, the media is so obsessed with these stars that I actually care not to care. We should be talking about the real issues and how to fix them, not about who slept with who.

Mandi Miller said...

Couldn't agree more! Happy SITS day!

Kristin @ Meanbean said...

Very well said - I really like how you wrote this, makes your reader stop and think about why they do what they do. I think you and my hubby would get along quite well :)

The Mom @ Babes in Hairland said...

Well put. It kills me some days what's on TV - what the news people get to deem "important" vs. other stuff. I totally agree with you - as well as with all 13 articles of Faith! ;-) Have a very Happy SITS day!

kallay said...

seriously... i had to listen to a whole thing about tiger wood, i mean woods today before i could hear my local weather.

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