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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

So I got the 'Mom of the Year' award for this one....

We got up Sunday morning and as usual Tim stinks. So I take him down stairs and get the other boys some milk before changing Tim. I noticed it was coming up the back so I laid a towel down so it wouldn't get all over. then I noticed that it was down the legs, so I just decided to put him in the bath tub. He needed one anyway. I put him in the tub and then took off his diaper and I hear a funny noise. Looking down to see what it was do you want to know what I found.... ok, probably not but I'm going to tell you. I found BATTERIES. Some stupid dollar store toy batteries fell out. Did I know he ate these? NO. Do I know when? NO. They were small like smarties, and I guess they just pass right through. Fortunately there was no damage to Tim's insides, and the batteries weren't open or anything. My heavens this child will be the end of me. He is my last but is giving me many firsts. First child to pass anything not food, first child to lick Pledge, first child to figure out EVERY baby proofing thing we've done, oh, and I'm not even going to get into his birth....

Ok, not as traumatic but really funny was Tommy. The boys were having lunch with Steve while I was getting ready and Tommy is holding his hand and close to tears. Steve asked him what was wrong and Tommy said "My hand hurts, there's blood." So of course Steve got up to check his hand. He opened his hand and took a look. There was no blood..... it was RED MARKER! Tommy just said.."Oh, ok" and just went on eating his lunch.

My life is always interesting. If you are ever board you should just come and spend a week with me.



Leah you are too funny. i love finding treats in diapers. I found 2 empty smarties wrapers once... yummy ha?? boys?

Tabitha Blue said...

Ok, that is a great one, Leah!!!!! He sounds like he makes your life much more interesting and full!!!!! Keep enjoying it!! I know I am!!



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