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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Tim... You did it!!!

OK, so Tim has been walking for about a week now but I haven't done anything about it. So since I'm playing with all the features I"m going to try the video. Let see if it works...

I can't believe that my baby is walking. It's still hard for me to believe that he was so small.

I had an epiphany today about this life that we are in. Our time on earth really is very short. I was thinking about Tim's stay in the NICU, it was 7 weeks.....7 long weeks, almost two months. That's how long I was without my baby, I went every day to the hospital to see him for a couple hours. It was seriously the longest time in my life.... or so I thought at that time. Looking back now it really was a really short time. That's how this earth life is. It seems long sometimes but really it's so short. When we look back on this life, we are going to realize how really short it is. Are you taking the time to live, or are you watching it pass you by? Are you reaching for your dreams, are you taking the time to look at the sunsets and the flowers? Are you happy with the way you treat people? Have you told everyone that you love, that you do love them. (you need to say it for them to truly know) This life is so short, we are told that all the time and we have even said it our selves I'm sure, but today I really see that as being true.

Here's the other thing too. Do you realize how miraculous the body is? The whole idea that an egg and sperm meet and a baby just happens is all just coincidence is well... crap. (to put it plainly) After Tim was born, and put in the NICU he was fed through a tube, he had multiple IV's (in his hand, foot, and head) he had a heart mummer, and 3 blood transfusions. He was born at 3lbs. 7oz. and dropped weight to 2lbs. 12 oz. When he FINALLY got to come home from the hospital he was on oxygen, had an apnea monitor, and a pulse-ox monitor. (for another 3 weeks at home) Why am I telling you all this? Because he is a HEALTHY baby boy. There is no known affects on him, his body, or brain. To tell me that a couple single cell things eventually crawled out of the water, we were monkeys, or all of this is just chance, just makes me crazy! I know my prayers were heard and answered. I'm know and am thankful that Tim had great doctors and nurses but I also know that there were angels watching him. You want to see Gods' hand in this world, take a look in the NICU. The body has an amazing way of healing itself, even these tiny babies. Look at your hand next time you cut it, your body just heals, and repairs and even sometimes there is no scar to even suggest that you were hurt. These children who look so helpless laying there, have a wonderful gift given to them by our Heavenly Father, a body. They fought for it in the pre-existence, and they are fighting for it here. This life... all of it chance? NO. There is a plan and it's a great one, it is calculated and precise. Nothing was haphazard or just thrown together. Seeing Tim grow and his body heal itself is just amazing. I know this is not the case for every NICU baby, but I know that every one of them waited and waited to stretch the toes and fingers and spirits in the body they were given, even if only for a moment.

Anyway..... That's the rambling from my head today.


Nick, Erika and Rozilyn said...

Yay Timmy!!!! That is so awesome that he is walking now! that video is so cute he looks like he has been doing it for a lot longer than 1 week. He was walking so well!

Nick, Erika and Rozilyn said...

I just showed the video to rozzi showing her her cousin and she just sat there smiling at him! it was really cute.

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