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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cow Pies, Cross bows, and 4 Wheelin'

This past Saturday we went 4-wheeling with our neighbors, the Binghams. It was Priscilla's birthday and they invited us to go with them and enjoy the afternoon. By the way Priscilla turned 35 is expecting and looks fabulous!

After pulling up and getting the quads un loaded the kids immedietly jumped on them wanting to get going. As we were unloading James had to go pee so Steve took him in to bushes to go and when he came back James brought me a present... Yes, James brought me cow crap. He was so proud of it until Steve told him what it was, then he was pretty discused.

Priscilla and I were getting the food ready, we brought a couple card tables and set those up and got out the food. Well, there were suppose to be 2 other families coming with us, but do to personal things had to back out. We still had all that food and a 6 FOOT sandwhich to share between the two families. As we were getting everything ready we realized that in the midst of everything we forgot plates. So here we are improvising.
It was easier to just dump some food out and let them have at it rather than try to seperate the food up. Tim was just grabing what ever he could anyways, so it was nice knowing that at least he wasn't dumping any plates. While the kids were eatting Allen Bingham tried getting a fire going. Well, that attrached all the children (fire usually does that to kids, like flys to honey).
I don't think Allen ever learned how start a fire in Boy Scouts, so after dumping gas on the wood adn paper the fire finally started.

Here's just a good picture, if you didn't think that army fatigues and guns were hot, look again...
Yes I asked Steve to wear the black shirt so we would match. I think we look really cute.

Ok, so FINALLY (as the boys would say) we got on the 4-wheelers to ride. We only had 2 so we just took turns. I took James and Tommy with me on one and Pricilla took Calab and Megan with her.
The Binghams have 3.5 children. Emery who is 9 Megan who is 6 and Calab who is 2. Now Tommy and Calab are like mortal enemies! Seriously.... they battle each other non-stop at each others' house, but being on neutral ground they play really well with each other.

Pricilla and I got back from 4-wheeling and the (big) boys were playing with Steve's cross bow. Why do we have a cross bow you ask... Oh, well Steve bought it at a yard sale for $5. So why not have a cross bow? They were having a good time shooting and trying to keep an eye on the kids as well. (Thanks to Emery for watching out for Tim)

But what would a day outside be like if Time was not into something?
We had a lot of fun and the weather was really (really!) nice. And all the boys got nice and dirty!!!
Tim just hung around, he was to little to put on the 4-wheeler, he had a good time rolling in the dirt and eatting what ever food fell to the floor. (At least it was food -huh-)

The funny thing about these pictures of Tommy is this is usaully what he looks like. We could be in the house all day and his face will still attrach all the dirt. He is such a character!

I took thses pictures of James, and I couldn't get him to look at me so you get to see expressions instead. James couldn't get enough of the ham on the sandwhich so that is what he is shoving in his mouth. Lately he has been asking for ham everyday at lunch so to have it around for him was just heaven.

And here is our 4th child. (Actully our 1st, we got Captain before wehad kids) Captain did really well just hanging around with us. He went off to see what was around but didn't go too far. He was really great with all the kids and kept an eye out for all of them.

It was a great day, and we had so much fun, and made many memories. (Thanks Bingham's)

And now as we drive down the street the boys are quick to point out the 4-wheelers that they see and ask when we are going to ride them again.

Monday, January 28, 2008

President Hinkley dies

The Prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints died last night at the age of 97. Gordon Bittner Hinkley was the 15th president of the church. President Hinkley is the prophet that I knew the best. I never had the opportunity to met him but I enjoyed listing to him speak at the pulpit and reading his word in the Ensign. His life was dedicated to his family and building up the kingdom of Heaven. With his push for more temples, he made it possible for many members to visit and feel the peace with in. It is sad that such a wonderful man is gone but I am happy for him. He lost his wife, Marjorie, a couple years ago and now he can be with her again. I'm sure she was standing with open arms. For those of you who are unfamiliar with my faith, we believe that when you are married in the temple, being sealed is what we refer to it as, it is not only for this life but for eternity. He has done the work the Lord set him out to do and I'm sure that the Lord will turn to President Hinkley and his wife, and say, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant."

If you would like to know more about this wonderful man and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, just click here

Friday, January 25, 2008

Oh, Tommy

And I thought I had nothing to blog about.... Then there was Tommy.
So the other night Steve and I were watching a movie ("Blood and Chocolate", it's about warewolves and I don't know if I like it. It's jut a different kind of movie, but it's definitely a B-list movie) anyways... We are about mid way through and Tommy comes down stairs. "Mom" he says... "My blanket is dirty" Ok, well I'm to tired right now so I let Steve take care of this. They go back upstairs to asses what has happened and I hear Steve ask Tommy what the mess was. Tommy answers "it's soap," then from Steve "Tommy it's everywhere!" Now I know there is not that much soap upstairs and I do that on purpose. I only keep a little in the pump and fill as needed for this exact reason. So I go upstairs, Tommy is still saying it's soap but it wasn't.... It was lotion! And it was indeed EVERYWHERE! All over Tommy's bed, on the floor, all over the bathroom and all over Tommy, who among other places lotioned his hair.
He tried to clean it up using the flushable wipes, and I'm assuming his blanket because he blanket was really wet with the stuff. The lotion bottle was on the dresser and I was confused as to how Tommy got it down, until I saw the stool next to the dresser. I guess he was board at 9:00pm, and since his brothers were sleeping I guess he thought he would entertain himself.

Steve asked Tommy why he was playing with the lotion, and Tommy says, "I don't know.... I so sorry Daddy" (it was really cute)

So with clean sheets, the carpet as clean as we could get it... a hug and a kiss we sent Tommy back to bed knowing the lotion would no longer be a problem because there wasn't anymore.

Oh, Tommy, we love you.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What did I learn today??

Boy today was one of those days that I wanted to box up the boys and send them off.... So here are some of the things that I learned about....

Tommy decided that he wanted to "drink" the syrup. He is really good at figuring things out and how to get things open and stuff I just didn't realize that he was tall enough to reach things off the counter.

Also... did you know that you can dry cucumber? Well you can especially if it gets left on the floor. I'm going to have to get a knife to scrape this one off.

Oh, and here's one.... apparently you can make great rainbows with salt!! I asked James what he was doing and he said "making rainbows" so ok, what ever. I come down stairs and Tommy had a half cup of salt in one hand and the salt in the other, and indeed James was making rainbows with the salt that Tommy poured onto the table.

I also learned that Tim is tall enough to get things out of the garbage when it's only half full. (man, they grow fast, don't they)

So here we are.... Tommy is looking for something???
He has pulled most of the toys out looking for what ever it is that he wants.I see Tommy run out of the play room giggling and playing with the other boys. I walk by the playroom and this is what I saw....

Not sure if he found what he was looking for or if he just gave up. Now the crazy thing about this is that the table was in the closet under the stairs. So Tommy got the table out and opened it up, and then started stacking things.
Moral of the story.... Children are taller than you think, but still short (and smart) enough to want to stack things.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I CONCEDE (thanks jen)

That's right.... I concede! To what you ask? SCRAPBOOKING!!! Yes, I'm not scrapbooking anymore! I've tried all the paper stuff, to make it look pretty and cute and fabulous (Like EmilieAn's and Lucy's and Christy's) and I've tried doing it on the computer (which I love because there is no mess) But for what ever reason it takes me like 2 hours to put a 2-page layout together. Really, I'm serious. And this makes me mad because I watch the for mentioned people put like a like 6 pages together in that same amount of time. And doing it on the computer is great but it still takes me so long to do it. So here's where I say good bye. Good bye Scrapbooking, and hello Blurbs.com!!! This is great.... I found a place that will print my blog. In scrapbookin I love all the journaling and by the time I get to doing it I can't remember why I thought that moment was great. (I have James stuck at 6 months, Tommy only has one picture in a book, Steve is almost home from Iraq (and in a separate book hasn't even left on his mission yet) and Tim doesn't exist) so this way after a year I can get the book published with all my thoughts and pictures and everything and have it printed in a book. I'm really excited about this. So there you go.... Now wait just a minute.... I'm still crafty (if you can call it that) I just don't like the pressure of trying to keep up with the boys. So I still have stamps and scissors and paper (gotta love the paper!) and stickers and tape and ribbon, oh the list can go on, and on. So I won't really be getting ride of anything (sorry Steve) Just adding more stuff in a different way....

Ok so after my last post I though I would take a turn from that. And while many of you are dealing with snow and cold, and grey skies I am happy to announce that it is 65 degrees today and the sun is shining and the skys are blue. And I have really great kids.
I'm so thankful that they are happy and healthy boys. I have been blessed in large amounts and I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for the opportunity to be a mom to these wonderful boys.

Friday, January 18, 2008

No More Problems in the World....

Ok, I want you to picture me standing on my soap box, ok maybe two of them (I'm kinda short).

I was listening to the news the other day and I was wanting to hear what was said about Mitt Romney winning the Michigan primaries vote(I went to bed before I could hear what Mitt said). Well.... incase you missed it we are not voting any more, nor is the war in Iraq going (bring all the troops home men), the poverty problem has all been solved and I guess we found the cure for all cancers in the world. Do you know how I know this. Because when I turned on the News they were talking about Tom Cruise!!!! Do we seriously not have anything better to worry about than Tom Cruise. So because World Peace had been found ( I don't know why that wasn't reported) I left it on to see what they were saying about him that was so important. This is bits of what I caught while I was dressing children and wondering if I should still give food to the food banks, because you know, the hungry are all full now. Ok, they were talking about (among other things) was Tom being second in command in his church, The Church of Scientology. Why this is a big deal I don't know. They were also making comments about his religion. Now this isn't something I agree with or am interested in but really people, he's not killing anyone, or braking any laws so why are we so concerned with him. It goes back to the 11th Article of Faith -We claim the privilege of worshiping Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience, and allow all men the same privilege, let them worship how, where, or what they may. Yes, I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of latter Day Saint (Mormons), and I worship how I see fit, why can't we extend that right to others with out bashing there religion. Like I said he's not hurting anyone.

Ok, so the next thing I hear is that Suri (Tom and Katie's daughter) is not Tom's. That Katie was inseminated with someone else's sperm. Seriously people.... doesn't this happen everyday, if it is true. What does it matter? I mean I guess this is important if the oceans are all clean now, and there's no more pollution in them. Or since we no longer have to worry about children getting kidnapped.

Here's another thing getting back to the elections. Do you know WHAT you are voting for? Not who but WHAT. What do the candidates stand for? What is there background. What is there experience? How do they present themselves in a debate? We are not voting for homecoming king (or queen) this is then next person to be at the head of our country. Notice I DIDN'T say running our country, because if you forgot it's "By the people, for the people." If you don't like what is going on get out there and do something. If you don't know how figure it out. Why are we letting the few loudest people out there decide for the rest of us. And why are we voting on things like race, religion, and sex. What ever happen to "best man for the the job." Do you even know who is running and what they stand for, what there platform is, what they plan to do with our country the next 4 years and why? My next question is WHY NOT. yeah, yeah, you're busy, I know, aren't we all. But still this is your responsibility as citizens of this nation to help take care of it and do what is best for it. (If you are not a citizen go back to your own county, harsh I know but I live in a boarder town and I don't appreciate my friends getting shot at just so you can have a piece of the pie... do it legally) By taking a stand we can make a difference. Here's another question... why do you vote the way you do? Because you where brought up to be a Democrat or Republican? Because your favorite celebrity or musician is one way or the other? Please!!! Take a stand of your own. There is nothing wrong with voting the same way as another person but do it for your own reasons not theirs.

Here is the links to the major candidates (in alphabetic order) the first is there Official home web page and the next is a bio of there life. There... I did the work for you, all you have to do now is to read it.

-Hillary Clinton Official site, Hillary's bio
-Mike Huckabee official site, Mike's bio
-John McCain Official site, John's bio
-Barack Obama Official site, Barack's bio
-Mitt Romney Official site, Mitt's bio

Change does not come when we sit around and wait for it. And YES, you are responsible for what happens here.

Ok, I think I'm done.... You can now picture me picking up the two boxes and taking them with me (I'm sure I'll be on them again) and walking away.

Oh, by the way I guess the war is not over because the 142 National Guard out of Utah is deploying again. Oh, and yup, we still have poverty and diseases, sorry to build your hopes up and then dash them.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

So I got the 'Mom of the Year' award for this one....

We got up Sunday morning and as usual Tim stinks. So I take him down stairs and get the other boys some milk before changing Tim. I noticed it was coming up the back so I laid a towel down so it wouldn't get all over. then I noticed that it was down the legs, so I just decided to put him in the bath tub. He needed one anyway. I put him in the tub and then took off his diaper and I hear a funny noise. Looking down to see what it was do you want to know what I found.... ok, probably not but I'm going to tell you. I found BATTERIES. Some stupid dollar store toy batteries fell out. Did I know he ate these? NO. Do I know when? NO. They were small like smarties, and I guess they just pass right through. Fortunately there was no damage to Tim's insides, and the batteries weren't open or anything. My heavens this child will be the end of me. He is my last but is giving me many firsts. First child to pass anything not food, first child to lick Pledge, first child to figure out EVERY baby proofing thing we've done, oh, and I'm not even going to get into his birth....

Ok, not as traumatic but really funny was Tommy. The boys were having lunch with Steve while I was getting ready and Tommy is holding his hand and close to tears. Steve asked him what was wrong and Tommy said "My hand hurts, there's blood." So of course Steve got up to check his hand. He opened his hand and took a look. There was no blood..... it was RED MARKER! Tommy just said.."Oh, ok" and just went on eating his lunch.

My life is always interesting. If you are ever board you should just come and spend a week with me.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

What am I thinking?

Ok, so I must be crazy. That's what you say to people who do what I'm going to do. Do you what to know what it is? I'm going to run a MARATHON! Steve's sister Michelle and her husband are going to do it so I signed on with them. Running a marathon has been on my list since I graduated high school (gasp!) 10 years ago. You know, the list that everyone has of things they want to accomplish before they die. Well running a marathon is on mine, and I figured if others are doing it then I will to (yes I am a sheep). This is a good time. I'm done having kids so no worries of getting knocked up again before I race (shut-up Jen) and I guess I should be done being lazy. Don't get me wrong.... I exercise, and I walk every day, but I haven't ran, I mean really ran, in yup... 10 years. So here we go....
The race is in Vegas and we are running in honor of Steve and Michelle's brother Benji, who died in a helicopter crash in September 2007. His tag name for everything was Heliroo. It's for both his loves, fling helicopters "Heli" And Jeeping, he was fearless and it was said that it looked like Benji was jumping and bouncing off the rocks, "roo".

So "Go Team HELIROO!" We love you Benji, this one is for you!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Did you hear....Steve is 30!!!!

My husband is so OLD.... Ok so that's what I would have said a couple years ago but since I'll be hitting that in 2 years I'll keep the old comments at a minuim. So here's a little bit about Steve. (I only get to do this once a year so bare with me)

Steve was born January 6, 1978 and is the youngest of 6 kids, he has 2 sisters
and 3 brothers.... He grew up in the Provo/Orem area in Utah. He graduated from Mountain View High School in 1996 (wow, I was just learning to drive when he graduated). During high school he had a great group of friends that he rock climbed and went back packing with. When he was doing that he also wanted to climb Everest because he loved to climb in the cold. He also started working on computers and playing computer games as a hobby (and still does)

He left on his mission to New Zealand in January 1997. He went to the South Island and although he never went to Antarctica, it was in his mission. He had to ride his bike in all his areas and when he got back he vowed to never get on another bike again. And I think he has lived up to that.

Steve loves to cook. When he was younger he experimented with what ever was in the kitchen and he oldest brother Benji taught him a lot in the kitchen. He was the favorite companion to have in the mission because he didn't settle for Raumen Noodles. He was always cooking for his companions as well as for the investigators or members who had them over for dinner.

While he was in new Zealand he had the opportunity to hike a couple mountains and this is him on top of Mt. Taranaki.

He got home from his mission in January 1999 and we met in November. We met on the internet, so there is does work. And we were married in May 2000. (If you want to hear some funny stories about Steve ask him about his dating experience from meeting girls on the internet)

When we met he was going to school to be a nurse and had completed all the pre-req's and was applying for nursing school when September 11, 2001 happen. At that time Steve was pulled into a different direction, and joined the Army (Utah National Guard). He decided to go the Intelligence route in the military and we were sent to Monterey, California where he learned Persian Farsi and had our first child, James Stephen Grammer Jr.After he learned the language we came to Arizona for more training (and really I'm adding this because of the great picture....

After he was done with training in Arizona we went back to Utah and three days later he was called and told he would be getting deployed. So with a baby that was nine months old and a wife that was 3 months pregnant, he left to Iraq. And in March 2005 Steve had another baby boy. Steve came home for leave and saw Tommy for the first time when he was 3 months old. In Iraq he was the "lucky" man who got to be the gunner on top of the HMV's but I guess there's not a lot of room for you inside a loaded vehicle when you're 6'4.When Steve came home from Iraq he work up in Ogden for about a year. During that time we had our third boy, Tim. (I'm going to have to find those pictures I'm not sure which computer I have them saved on)

After that year of working in Ogden he accepted a job back in Arizona. And this is where he turned the BIG '3' '0'.

This year I didn't do an "official" birthday party for him, but we did have cake on New Year's. I was almost done lighting the candles, and the match got too close to my fingers and I freaked out and blew the match out and .... all the candles too. Well the kids thought it would be fun so they finished blowing them out, so that's the goofy looking picture.
But the boys and I also decorated his car. The boys had a great time with this. And they LOVED the silly string. I left cup cakes and balloons in his car.

He still likes to play computer games, and cook. He is going grey (but that's been since he was 16) He has accomplished so much in the thirty years he has been around. He is a great man with a love for learning. He is willing to help anyone and people naturally gravitate to him. He still loves to cook and usually does our Sunday dinners. He is a WONDERFUL husband and father. The boys love him so much and love when he comes home to give them hugs. He still sweeps me off my feet, and I love the way that he makes me feel. Happy Birthday Sweet Heart.... I love you! (even if you are old)

If you would like to send something to Steve here is his email address steve.grammer@gmail.com or you can post comments here.I'm sure he would love to hear from you.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Tim... You did it!!!

OK, so Tim has been walking for about a week now but I haven't done anything about it. So since I'm playing with all the features I"m going to try the video. Let see if it works...

I can't believe that my baby is walking. It's still hard for me to believe that he was so small.

I had an epiphany today about this life that we are in. Our time on earth really is very short. I was thinking about Tim's stay in the NICU, it was 7 weeks.....7 long weeks, almost two months. That's how long I was without my baby, I went every day to the hospital to see him for a couple hours. It was seriously the longest time in my life.... or so I thought at that time. Looking back now it really was a really short time. That's how this earth life is. It seems long sometimes but really it's so short. When we look back on this life, we are going to realize how really short it is. Are you taking the time to live, or are you watching it pass you by? Are you reaching for your dreams, are you taking the time to look at the sunsets and the flowers? Are you happy with the way you treat people? Have you told everyone that you love, that you do love them. (you need to say it for them to truly know) This life is so short, we are told that all the time and we have even said it our selves I'm sure, but today I really see that as being true.

Here's the other thing too. Do you realize how miraculous the body is? The whole idea that an egg and sperm meet and a baby just happens is all just coincidence is well... crap. (to put it plainly) After Tim was born, and put in the NICU he was fed through a tube, he had multiple IV's (in his hand, foot, and head) he had a heart mummer, and 3 blood transfusions. He was born at 3lbs. 7oz. and dropped weight to 2lbs. 12 oz. When he FINALLY got to come home from the hospital he was on oxygen, had an apnea monitor, and a pulse-ox monitor. (for another 3 weeks at home) Why am I telling you all this? Because he is a HEALTHY baby boy. There is no known affects on him, his body, or brain. To tell me that a couple single cell things eventually crawled out of the water, we were monkeys, or all of this is just chance, just makes me crazy! I know my prayers were heard and answered. I'm know and am thankful that Tim had great doctors and nurses but I also know that there were angels watching him. You want to see Gods' hand in this world, take a look in the NICU. The body has an amazing way of healing itself, even these tiny babies. Look at your hand next time you cut it, your body just heals, and repairs and even sometimes there is no scar to even suggest that you were hurt. These children who look so helpless laying there, have a wonderful gift given to them by our Heavenly Father, a body. They fought for it in the pre-existence, and they are fighting for it here. This life... all of it chance? NO. There is a plan and it's a great one, it is calculated and precise. Nothing was haphazard or just thrown together. Seeing Tim grow and his body heal itself is just amazing. I know this is not the case for every NICU baby, but I know that every one of them waited and waited to stretch the toes and fingers and spirits in the body they were given, even if only for a moment.

Anyway..... That's the rambling from my head today.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Mom, my teeth are wet!!!!

We were getting ready to leave to run some errands and so I had James go potty while I put the other two boys in the car. All of a sudden hear "Mom! My teeth are wet!" I'm gathering everything up and trying to get us all out of the house so I'm just yelling back as I'm doing my thing. This is our conversation....

Me: "What teeth James?"
James: "MY teeth" (like I should know...) "They are wet!!!"
Me: "How did they get wet?"
James: "They fell in the water!" (everything is said with such exasperation)
Me: "James, what are you talking about?!"


James: "My teeth..... they fell in the water. But don't worry mom I got them out!"

At this point I run into the bathroom to (finally) see what is going on and James is standing with his pants around his ankles and the 'wet teeth' on the floor. Theses are the teeth....
And I have to say that at least James had enough sense to pull them out of the toilet before flushing it. Trying to explain that my sons teeth are in the toilet to a plumber would have been really funny.

*disclaimer.... ironically these pictures were taken before because I was going to post something different about these teeth but this was a much funnier story*
(Thank you to the Taylor's for the teeth)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

Ok, so here we are on the first day of the New Year, and being January 1 (ok so now it's the 2nd)there are certain things we are to do. You all know it, it's the dreaded Resolutions. Yup the Resolutions.... So what are yours? Here's my list.

  • To get toned. Who doesn't have this on there list. Ideally I would like to have a flat stomach again. I love Tim, but that child wreaked havoc on my body. (And for the first time in 4 years I'm not pregnant) So I can work out hard.

  • So that brings me to my next resolution. NOT getting pregnant. Like I said first time in 4 years of not being in the family way. We are not planning any more kids, but you know what happens when you try to plan and the Lord has different ideas. But really no more kids.

  • To send out birthday card at least in the same month as people's birthday. I really good intentions and happy thoughts(when I remember) but I'm going to try to do better. My mom gave me a calender for Christmas with everyone in my family's' birthday already on it. That's great because for what ever reason I stopped adding birthdays after June.

  • Be more diligent to my scripture study. Need I say more?
  • Be a better mom. Believe it or not I do have a friend who doesn't yell at her kids. I have been doing better. Instead of yelling at this....

I just took a picture instead. (Tommy was giving his friend Gabe a flour shower) So this os probably one that I'll have to renew daily (ok, so make that hourly)

  • To stay in touch with friends. But I guess that falls more on all of you than me. I'm writing this blog, so now you have to read it. Ha so there......
  • To be more organized. I try really hard I do, but I get so distracted. Fortunately my house is clean but don't look in the junk drawer (part of that is Steve's fault too) or my craft area.
  • Ok, and my last one is to be better about putting things away. I have no problem with laundry until it comes to putting it away, dishes... I love doing dishes it just the putting away part that I have a hard time with. I've talked to the "putting away fairy" but she doesn't service the Sierra Vista, Arizona area.

Ok so there you go.....we'll see how well I do over this next year. Remember to read my blog so I can check off the staying in touch part.

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