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Monday, April 19, 2010

240 Eggs!

We were able to celebrate Easter with all of my family. It was so fun!! with 13 kids, and 240 eggs it was chaos, but the great kind. Some of the adults took all the kids on a walk so the Easter Bunny could come and hide the eggs. The weather decided to be cloudy and cold, so inside it was. We were able to have the eggs hidden upstairs and down. Which was nice because we were able separate the kids.... the little ones need to at least have a chance at getting some eggs.

Tim was so excited to find the eggs. And surprisingly he kept looking for all the eggs instead of stopping to eat what ever goodies were in his bucket.
Tommy was happy to find a bunch of orange eggs. It was nice that the Easter Bunny was freakishly tall and gave the kids a run for their candy by hiding the eggs in really tall places. Good thing there were lots of tall dads to help get the eggs down.

I really like this picture of James. There is just something about this picture. He had such a great time having lots of friends to play with.

I thought this picture was funny. The three crazies belong to me, the cute little girl is cousin Bianca and the man under it all is her dad.... my brother. This is considered a light workout for him. It was going well until the husband decided he wanted to get on. That was a bit much the Uncle Hyrum.

And here are all 13 grand kids. And by the end of the year there will be 2 maybe 3 more. Even though we are so far away it's fun to see all the kids together. They are all pretty close in age so they all seem to mesh well.
It was a fun Easter hunt. Made even better with the mass amount to cousins to enjoy it with!

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Emily said...

How fun is that!

Some of those cute kids look an awful lot like the Mohr/Smith bunch i used to remember....back in the day!

hope you are well!

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