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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The End.

Well I have finally come to the end of our vacation. A great time was had by all. We were able to see many friends and make a lot of great memories.

The boys had a great time at Grandma's house, playing with all her toys and especially the Geo-Tracks.

Tommy was happy as a clam until he fell into the pond. You see it's not a family gathering until someone falls into the pond, and Tommy was the lucky one this time. {sorry no pictures of this} He was playing happily until he tripped and down he went. Luckily Grandma was there to pull him out. Other than wet, he was no worse for wear, and after a warm shower he was just fine.

In the end I've decided that even a king bed is getting to small for three growing boys.

Until our next trip....

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Steve and Katie said...

Leah! The whole trip looks like it was so much fun! It makes me want to take a trip....like across country or something. I've been missing the ocean lately! If only if only! Glad you had fun!

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