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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Our snow days

The boys were so happy that it snowed the day that we got into Utah. The first thing the boys wanted to do was to taste the snow.

They just needed to be reminded that the best snow tasting comes from the sky, and not from the slush from the top of the hot tub. The first snow was ok.....

About a week later it really snowed and boy was it great!!! The boys were so excited with the {real} white stuff. The only down side is that we weren't properly suited. So with the sweater and light jacket that they had, they ran outside to play... sort of. Tommy and Tim played under the slide and like to hear the crunch of he snow.

The husband enjoyed it every bit as much as the little boys.

And James enjoyed being a moving target for his dad.

I thought this was a funny picture, both of them gathering their ammo. And Dad taught them the proper snow to eat if it's coming from the ground.... you know... don't eat the yellow stuff.

All the fun came to an end about an 45 minutes after it started. I figure that was a really long time, especially since there were no boots or hats or mittens, or scarves to be had. But a good dose of hot chocolate warmed the bodies of the boys.
I'm really happy that it snowed while we were there. I'm glad that they boys got a chance to play in it. The last time they played in the snow James was 3, and Tommy was still 1, and Tim was just brought home from the hospital.
Maybe we'll be back again for some more time in the snow.


Mad Woman said...

Snow is fun as long as it's not where I live :) I like to play in it, but not on a permanent basis.

Steve and Katie said...

45 mins is awesome!! I'm shocked they made it that long! That makes my kids look really wimpy :)

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