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Friday, April 9, 2010

Coming soon!!!!

We are back! {yeah for home} but my hard drive decided to crap out, so.... coming soon I'll be posting with pictures.

We had some crazy times on the airplane rides....

Great time with some great friends that included way to much eating and tons of sharing {but that's what friends are for}

Family time with a whole boat load of kids.... someone should have brought a boat for Tommy.

And surprise.... I know what we are having! Hint.... it's not a giraffe.


Randi said...

That last part is just not fair! How long do we have to wait to find out if you are changing the title of your blog or not?????

Mad Woman said...

Welcome back!! Are you having a platypus instead?

Evelyn Perkins said...

Oh you have to tell us!!! I am dying to know! Glad your trip went well! You are a brave lady to fly with those three little guys. On second thought...I bet that's better than a four day car ride!

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