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Sunday, April 18, 2010


The boys were looking forward to playing with all the cousins. On one day Grandma suggested taking all the boys to the zoo.

The weather was great, and the boys were excited. Could there be a set-up?

James and the giant elephant.

Here are all the boy cousins {minus Boone who lied to far away} All the boys were so funny and it was a lot of fun to watch them all play together.

James and Dad, they really are two of a kind. And I find them like this all the time and I love these pictures.

Tommy was so confused about his arms being really short, compared to the orangutan. It was funny watching him try to reach both ends at the same time.

Grandma took all the boys on a train ride. What is better than boys and trains?? Not a whole lot. And this was icing on the cake for the boys.
Thank you Grandma for the great day at the Zoo.

Here is a picture of two little Super Heroes. Spider man and Batman. What cuties!!!


~ Dawn ~ said...

Awww...it looks like the cousins all had a fun time! Gotta love the Zoo!

Evelyn Perkins said...

Hey! We went to the zoo too when we visited Utah. Isn't that a great zoo? I love it! And the kids do too!

I keep looking to see if you have announced your baby's brand yet...Any posts about that that I missed??? :)

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