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Sunday, April 18, 2010


Bowling is becoming a favorite past time for our family. We don't seem to gt out often enough but when we do we have a really great time. While we were in Utah we decided to go bowling with the husband's family. It was fun with some of the cousins bowling too.

Here is James right after he got a spare. {thanks to the bumpers}
I was having a hard time getting Tommy to look at the camera, so James thought he would help. What a nice brother huh :)

Tim did really well at bowling this time and was able to get the ball rolling faster than .94 MPH.

I know you can't see this well... but I had to post it anyway. This is the second time I beat the husband at bowling, and that in itself is a proud moment for me.
I love having fun things like this to do with the family, and bowling always ends in smiles.

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