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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Flying the skies.

We had the chance to go on vacation during spring break. We decided to go to Utah and visit family and friends. Fortunately we were able to fly rather than drive, and save us 4 days of being on the road.

The last time James flew he was 6 months old, so technically this is his first flight. All of the boys were so excited to "finally" fly on an airplane. We were up at 4AM to get to the airport and the boys were so excited.

I forgot how expensive everything is at the airport. I had packed breakfast for the boys but forgot to do anything for me. I went to get a bagel and some OJ and 6 dollars later, the bagel was dry and they forgot a knife to spread my cream cheese with.

James was so happy to sit by the window... unfortunately it was right next to the engine and the view was really bad. To say that he was disappointed would be an understatement. Thankfully we had a return flight with a great view.

Our first flight we had a guy removed because he was to drunk to be on a flight. Thank heavens for observant people!!! They took him off and we were on our way.

The boys got board and decided to make one really long cord with the headsets that they gave us. The flight attendant gave each of us headsets so w could listen to music or watch the movie. These guys were really nice because the headsets were $2 a piece!!! Just another was to squeeze money out of everybody. Oh, and just of you want to know.... they no longer accept cash on the plane.... only credit cards.

After being up since 4am, and catching 2 planes, running through one international airport, and pressing every button that was with in reach, they finally crashed. The only bad thing... it was only 20 minutes before we landed. I'm sure Tim was tired... he peed 8 times in the airplane lavatory!!! Yes, we went in there 8 times, in 3 hours!!! I think the altitude squishes his bladder.... either that or he really like public bathrooms. {take your pick either one is right}
As our time came to an end we got ready for another long ride home.
And this time the boys were ready and feeling like pros. As we boarded the plane in Salt Lake there was some interesting people that I was seeing board the plane. There were TONS of kids in this full plane. As the boys and I were boarding I saw this woman having a panic attack. I just took a deep breath an hoped for the best. Before we took off she was throwing up in the back of the plane... and then all over the lavatory. You want to know where we were sitting.... the very last row right by the bathrooms. The boys were fascinated with all the people walking by. I did not think we were so lucky... especially when there was a young man with a problem.... it was not throwing up. Poor kid. But poor us.... the bathroom stunk for quite awhile. Then the panic lady came back for a second round. And of course Tim needed to pee multiple time.. he's not tall enough to reach the toilet so he had to stand on my feet. Grossness!!!!! {needless to say we striped down when we made it home to disinfect ourselves.}

It was nice to make it home in one piece, and as an added perk, I have the same three boys I left with.
The airplane was more fun than one should have so I think it will be awhile before we will do it again. More to come about our vacation, stay tuned!!!


Mad Woman said...

8 times?!?! Wow. Teeny tiny bladder ;-)

Glad you had a good trip. Welcome back!

Rob, Brooke and Caleb said...

Oh my gosh, how gross!! Your flight back sounds awful! It makes a really funny story though! I'm glad you guys had a fun trip and that your kids liked the plane rides. Caleb likes being on a plane too but only if he can't see out the window.

Emily said...

You are one BRAVE Mama!! 3 boys and preggo on an airplane! AMAZING!

Can't wait to here the gender news!

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