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Monday, April 19, 2010

Simple Joys

I happen upon a yard sale that was selling homeschooling stuff. So I stopped and picked up some books and a fun scale and these gems...

Hula-hoops! I was really happy, the boys have been wanting to play with them, and often do at the store, so these were perfect. They were pretty heavy duty so I knew they were going to hold up well to the beating that the boys would give them.

It's amazing what some fresh air and a 3 dollar toy can do!! This is what childhood is all about, being able to play with out instructions or time constrains.

Tommy is still learning and hasn't quite learned how to swing his hips yet to keep it up. He has made up a new game with the hoop and although I'm not sure how it goes all the boys seem to get it and play it daily.
Tim runs around with his and likes to hoop what ever will be still. The boys tried to play "Ring the Gack" {dr. suess} and Tim was deemed the Gack... he was not so happy about that. We might have to make a Gack so every one is happy.

James has learned how to swing those hips and can keep the hoop going. It took some practice but he got it. They have also learned how to roll the hoop and jump through it.
It was nice to take the time outside {since it's oh-so-beautiful outside!!} to play with the hula-hoops and because there was nothing else that was happening we were able to play for hours. I'm sure the new games will be thought up and new things will be found to hoop, and isn't that what childhood is all about??!!

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Simple pleasures are the BEST kind!

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