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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Boys are gross

I know you can't see it real well so let me tell you what is in this bag.... it's a dissected owl pellet. The joy of science... this is what they boys did in their co-op class.

So... the bag... if you don't know what an owl pellet is let me enlighten you. This is what the owl is not able to digest. Bones.... hair. then the animal throws it up.

James thought it was so cool!!! Tommy pointed out the skull and the bones to me. I love that the boys are so into science and are learning so much in co-op.

{Some how the baggies both ended up in the garbage. Not sure how that one happen.}


sinika said...

I love that your boys love science! I need to get my boys doing more projects like that. (We have done that btw.)

Are your boys into weather disasters too? Tornadoes, volcanoes, lightning- that's all we talk about around here. :)

Pyratess said...

Ya my baggy ended up in the trash too. GROSS GROSS GROSS!!! So glad they can go to co-op to do these things and I do NOT have to do them at home.
The science teacher is such a blessing to me!!!

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