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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sick Day with Mamarazzi

Mamarazzi came to spend the day with me. I was so excited. The days were beautiful I was hoping to take her to the park, or maybe even the beach. The beautiful day greeted me with a smile. The boy on the other hand greeted me in that bathroom with an upset stomach.

While I was taking care if the baby and getting him down for a nap. Mamarazzi offered to watch the sick one.

Here she is reading a book. I'm sure she learned way more about dinosaurs than she ever wanted to know. But that's how she rolls... she was willing to help with anything!

I was off helping the sick one and so Mamarazzi stayed with Benjamin.
We almost had a catastrophe! {she was saved just in time!}{after you are done staring at the horror... look at those baby blues this kid got!}
She said she was just catching her breath, but I think she was trying to escape.....
I convinced her to come back in with a little chocolate.
After being stuck in the house for 3 days... this was boy number 2 that caught the yuckiness. Besides... I had some very important business to take care of!
I had to mail my box of pinkness of to my super cool swap partner {Sami.... {You will meet her soon :)}

What a long day it was! I'm so glad that Mamarazzi was her to help. And as you can see she is finally able to take a moment by herself and rest. ...Bed time is strictly observed in this house!!! so we were both off for the night.

Mamarazzi... come again and I will take you out somewhere!

{ps... if you want Mamarazzi to come to you house, all you have to do is ask!! }


Mamarazzi said...

I LOVE this post...thanks Leah! seriously this made my entire weekend. I am linking up a few other people i visited this week on Wednesday so i grabbed a couple pictures from your blog and will be linking you up!!

so so so so so cute...i will send you a hostess gift on Monday.

Mamarazzi said...

my post about our adventure goes live at midnight...squeeeeeeeeee!

Emmy said...

Poor sick kids :( throw up is the worst. Great post though! Very well done and looks like it was a good thing Mamarazzi was there to help :)

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