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Friday, February 11, 2011

Pink is the Word.


I got my box!!!! Yeah for me! {sad for all the people who haven't gotten theirs because of the freaky weather} I met a really great girl named Sami. She is so funny, AND she does a give away every month!!! And she has been snowed in by the freaky weather... but she did get my box {yeah}

So I got mine and it was lunch time so I thought I would wait until after lunch and enjoy it then....

But a little peek won't hurt right???
Ooooo, all that pink. {look how pretty!!} Now that I had a peek I was going to wait until the baby was fed and then open all the goodness.
Yeah.... he is very pudgy, and having to wait a couple minutes to eat isn't going to kill him.

I got some fuzzy pink socks a great big pink diamond it doesn't look like much here but in the light it's so sparkly! She sent some white chocolate and some pink molds for the boys to make some candy with. I got some pink lemonade and some pink magnates. Some raspberry {pink}jello. I got some pink post-it notes. She never knew it but I have a secret love affair with office supplies!! I could walk around an office supply store like others can walk around a shoe store... sad I know but there you go. {I LOVE post-its!}
She sent a little book mark with a flip-flop on it, and some raspberry chocolate. {I hid and ate this.... don't judge... I didn't want to share} I got a new movie... Pretty in Pink {I love me some 80's!} and a really cool magazine all about... what else??? Pink decorating, which, by-the-way.... pink totally works!

And sadly, I got a glass pitcher. It broke in transit. Now Sami hates the postal service....

I L.O.V.E. swaps! It's so fun to get something in the mail that I didn't buy but is for me! Thank you again Mamarazzi for another fabulous swap!


Megan Harmeyer said...

Mamarazzi hosts *the* best swaps! Pretty in Pink is perfect for this one. I kept getting the song in my head but I never though of the movie! Great pink swap package.

Sara Richins said...

Love that she sent you jello!! Too funny! What a great package. And that chocolate looks soooo yummy!

Beth said...

What a great package!! :D

jennykate77 said...

Our swap partners (Sami and Aubrey) are friends IRL...so, I got one of those blingy pink diamonds and some pink lemonade!! :)

You got a great package!! I love 80's movies...why didn't I think of Pretty in PINK?? Good thinking, Sami!

Sami said...

I DO hate the postal service! They can take their impossible to file postal insurance and stick it where the sun don't shine!
So glad you liked your package, even though your coolest item was broken...

Shawn said...

Sami was my partner a few swaps back...I totally fluffy pink heart her!

In my 12 days of Christmas swap, 3 of my gifts broke, my poor partner only has 9 days of Christmas. I too hate the USPS!

Impulsive Addict said...

I'm here via Sami! I was Shawn's partner...that had 3 broken gifts. It sucked.

I LOVE what Sami got for you. Pretty in Pink! What a great idea. I didn't get that creative. You both did a good job for each other.

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