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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Over Your Head

{please don't look at all those wires.... I just realized how awful that looks!!}
I walked into the living room the other day to find the boys playing cards. I thought they were playing Go Fish... until I listen a little bit. They were playing a new game that James made up.

The game??? "Over Your Head"

Here is what I gathered from the game. You get to pick the points you want... any point from 3-18. You can ask for any card that you want and if you don't have it you say, "over your head"

And here is the funny part....

After you say "over your head" you pick up a card from the pile.... and then... you give the card to TIM!!!

So here is Tim with a hand ful of cards and no way to get ride of them.

How do you win the game?? Get ride of your cards.

I love it when the boys use their imaginations to come up with new games. {even if does involve Tim getting all the cars :) }


Sami said...

HAHAHA! Poor Tim...
Perhaps you should invent a game for him to teach his brothers called "gang up on James"?

Brenda @ Tie That Binds Us said...

That is really cute! Sounds like you have a lot of fun during the day with all those boys. I wouldn't know what that is like! ; )

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