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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Random Act of Kindness

3.5 years ago we had a tragedy in our family the husbands brother died in a helicopter crash. It was a devastating time for our family, but during those first few days my family experience a simple act of kindness that changed me forever.

We were living in Southern Arizona at the time and Benji was in Nevada. We got the call on a Thursday morning before the sun was up breaking the silence of the darkness. With in a few hours we were all packed up and driving to Nevada to be with all of the family.

My Aunt is in Nevada so we were just planning on staying with her. We went to Benji's house... just to be in a place where he was. We grabbed the hidden key not expecting anyone to be there. Much to our surprise there was someone there. Although Benji was not active in the Church, the people in his ward still took care of him. There was a woman, Kara, who was there checking on the dogs and making sure things around the house were ok.

I took the boys out back, they had been in the car for 9 hours and needed to get out and run for a bit. The husband sat inside and just took a break. Kara and the husband started taking. To there great surprise they had a great connection. The husband served a mission for the LDS church in New Zealand, and Kara's family was from New Zealand. They had been to the same places!

It was that little thing... and next thing we knew we where walking into her house.

Not knowing anything about us, and being 7 months pregnant she offered to house all 5 of us {little Benji wasn't born yet} I am certain that she followed the Spirit. Kara and her husband offered to watch the boys and even invited us to a family party that her parents were throwing.

Those few days of sadness and chaos there was peace in her home. I will forever be grateful to Kara and her husband Jason.

Her random act of kindness has made me be more aware of those around me. Of those going through a hard time and need a place of peace to rest there head. I may not be able to offer my home the way that she did, but I can be a friend with a shoulder to cry on. I can be a post to lean on. I can do something, small as it is to relieve a little suffering, or to bring a little peace in a troubled time.


Carrie said...

People really are amazing. I am working on having the Spirit in my heart to be ready to give those acts of kindness.

It also makes me think that I need to keep my house tidier so that if anyone needs to stay here they won't be grossed out...Isn't it strange the things that pop in your head as a women? My husband would never have that pop into his head...

JRoberts said...

beautiful post. Thank you for sharing.

Judi said...

I am grateful for the gospel that can bring us together no matter if we know each other or not. We have moved around a lot and have had services provided from members who do not even know us but our common love of the gospel brings us together. I feel that even in the blogging world.

I love your blog title! It takes a special gal to be a mother to all boys! :) I have two girls and two boys! I'm still trying to figure out my boys!

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

What a beautiful story! I'm with Carrie, I'd be too worried about how tidy my house was to truly help. :D

kjha said...

Such a good reminder to just do the right thing, no matter what.

Kara said...

Love you!! That was too sweet!! We would do it again if you need it. Hope all is well in Florida!!

Mamarazzi said...

beautiful story and testimony of kindness.

Emily said...

Beautifully uplifting post! Thanks for writing it! You are a wonderful gal!!

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