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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tommy Says

Tommy is really funny and very quick witted. Here are some things that he has said lately that just make me giggle.

* "Mom, I have a secret lair with minions"

* Tommy: "Mom when I grow up I want to be Pharaoh."
  Me: "what will you do as Pharaoh?"
  Tommy: "have slaves and stuff, because that's what Pharaohs do"

* Speaking of Tim who was laying down on a bridge and not wanting to go on.... "Mom, I think he's dead or  something"

* "Mom!! Benji laughed like a human!"

He is always making me laugh with the funny things he says.

He is also very sweet and very thoughful. Here is a poem he wrote for me.
"I love you, if you love me, XOXO {hugs and kisses} cause your sweet, cause I think your neat"

I love you Tommy!!!!


Jen said...

I miss that kid and the things he says!!!

Mamarazzi said...


Mackey Family said...

My boys BEG me to play with (oobleck) AKA corn starch and water all the time!! They have a blast!!! Although it has nothing to do with education. Just making a mess!!

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