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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Movin' on up

Well many know, but some do not.... we are moving!

After planning a planning and preparing and even coordinating with a friend for the boys and I to say with here for two months in Colorado.... Things have changed.

What was once a perfect plan is no more.

But... we had faith that all would be as it needs to be, and Steve was offered a job in North Carolina in a great office, with the CEO of Upper Cervical Health Centers.

At first I was really upset about not going to Colorado, I really wanted to be close to family, and I really wanted to be back west. I desperately miss the mountains.

But after prayer and faith on my part I see the joy in moving to North Carolina. We will have mountains {although not the rockies} and we will be only 3 hours from the beach. It's not a quick jaunt like it is here, but we can plan day trips to go out that way. Charlotte is a beautiful area and they have seasons and even snow occasionally. It is very homeschool friendly and there are many groups around to join and be a part of. The office Steve will be working at is one that is State of the Art and is the hub of all things UCHC.

So from here is Florida we will be movin' on up North!

{Goodness I hope they are ready for us!}

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Whitney said...

Shut up. You always get to live places I want to live--Arizona. North Carolina?! Get out of town! What a beautiful place to live. Jealous!!

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